Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix On Blu-ray Player

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Netflix error NW-2-5 will occur on Blu-ray players that have
issues connecting to the Netflix service. These connectivity issues could also
point to other problems with the device, so may not be Netflix specific.

Make Sure Streaming Is Supported

On certain setups, media streaming is restricted or
completely blocked. Ensuring that your current connected network supports media
streaming should be the first step to fixing this error.

1. Go to

2. Select an HD video on the front page and see if it plays
with no issues.

3. You want an HD video for this test so that you can see in
real time if the restriction is bandwidth related. And you’re choosing YouTube
as the test site since it is the least likely streaming site to be affected by

Turn Off The Blu-ray Player

A Blu-ray player that has been left on a long time can accumulate
a lot of data. Without clearing out that data, it is more likely to have issues

1. Turn off the Blu-ray player with the remote control.

2. Unplug it from the wall and wait sixty seconds.

3. Plug it back in and try Netflix again.

Make A Direct Connection To The Modem

An Ethernet connection to the modem will bypass any
restrictions imposed by the router. It will also make it easier to detect
whether the router is the problem.

1. Turn off your Blu-ray player.

2. Connect the device directly to your modem with an Ethernet

3. Try to login to Netflix again.