Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix On PS4

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The PS4 is the 8th and latest generation console
from Sony. This is the game system from the company that has the most updated
version of the Netflix app. Even so, users may get the error NW-2-5 on the
system. Like the PS3 variant, it has to do with not being able to communicate
with Netflix’s servers. The fixes below go through the most common
troubleshooting steps needed to get Netflix back online.

Test For A Working Connection

Usually you’d test your internet connection by going to the
connection setup screen. The easier way is to launch another internet-connected
app to see if it is functioning normally. This fix saves a lot of extra time
and lets you know if it is more than a Netflix issue.

1. Open the YouTube app.

2. Choose any video on the home screen.

3. If it plays, then try to reopen Netflix.

Restart The System

The PS4 is a full game and media center that handles all
kinds of content. Every now and then, a bad sync or corrupted data will cause
problems with apps that store a lot of data. For the Netflix app, restarting
the system will clear up a lot of this mishandled data.

1. Hold down the PS button on your Dualshock 4 controller.

2. When the quick menu opens, choose the power option on the
left hand side of the screen.

3. On the right hand side select Turn Off PS4. It will turn
off in a few seconds.

4. Wait ten seconds, then press the PS button on the controller
to turn it on again.