Netflix Error NW-4-7: Fix On Smart TV

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A Smart TV has one of the most powerful versions of the Netflix
app. Error NW-4-7 can become a problem when dealing with the complexities of
networking. The three fixes below will resolve the issue on multiple brands of
Smart televisions.

Sign Out Of Your Account

Make sure to have the username and password before
attempting this. Signing out of the account will make it easier for the app to
reconnect to Netflix servers.

1. On the Netflix home screen select the gear icon or

2. Choose to Sign Out, and confirm it by selecting Yes as

3. Once it finishes signing out, sign back in and you should
be able to use Netflix.

Restart The Home Network

Doing this method will temporarily knock off any device
connected to the internet. Restarting the internet gets rid of any oddities in
the connection that prevents Netflix from working.

1. Turn off the television.

2. Unplug the modem and router. Wait one minute.

3. Plug the modem in first, and then the router. Wait for
the indicator lights to set before moving on to the next step.

4. Turn on the television set and try out Netflix again.

Make A Direct Connection

This fix will only work on devices that have a dedicated LAN
port. This is a better option than restarting the network if the television has
an open port.

1. Turn the television off.

2. Connect an Ethernet cord from the modem into the
television set.

3. Turn the television on and Netflix app will now work