Netflix Error NW-4-7: Fix On Xbox One

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The Xbox One is a media focused console with one of the best
versions of the Netflix app. With a lot of the consoles media being internet
focused, errors related to the connection are a possibility. The Xbox One has
multiple ways fo dealing with the error without having to delete reinstall
Netflix to your hard drive.

Set Up The DNS Settings

For reference, this fix will also work for the Xbox One X.
Bad DNS settings can be fixed by setting the manual mode to automatic. This is
the easier of the two fixes.

1. Using the Xbox One controller, press the menu button.

2. Select Settings and then All Settings from the new menu.

3. Choose Network, then Network Settings.

4. From there go to Advanced Network settings and set DNS
Settings to Automatic.

5. Make sure to press the B button to save the new

6. Open the Netflix app and begin streaming.

Restart The Home Network

Before following the steps below, make sure that all
currently connected devices are not downloading or synchronizing data.
Resetting the internet gets rid of the Netflix error by forcing it to resync
with the servers.

1. Turn off the Xbox one using the menu.

2. Unplug the modem and router from the wall outlet. If a
power button exists, use that instead.

3. Wait a full minute and then plug the modem in first, then
the router.

4. Wait for the activity lights to set on the modem and

5. Turn on the console and try Netflix again.