Netflix Error 1006: Fix On Nook

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The Nook is one of the forgotten tablets that has a version
of the Netflix app. It is also the only device other than the Apple devices
that suffer from Error 1006. Nook troubleshooting instructions are a bit
different than other devices, so it is important to follow each step.

Restore The Default Settings Of The Nook

This fix has the highest chance of success. It also takes
the longest time to complete and requires you to have access to your Barnes
& Noble account information. Restoring default settings will also delete
files transferred from the computer to the Nook.

1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the white arrow.

2. Choose Settings then Device Info.

3. Select Erase & Deregister Device. You will have to do
this twice to confirm the operation.

4. Select the option to Reset NOOK.

5. Wait until the device finishes going through the erasure
process. Follow the instructions after bootup to connect the device back to
your current Barnes & Noble account.

6. Try the Netflix app again and it should now be working.

Restart The device

A simple restart is a quick way to get Netflix working
again. Most problems related to Error 1006 can be fixed by following the below
troubleshooting steps.

1. Hold the power button on the Nook for five seconds until
the device turns off.

2. Hold the power button for two seconds to turn it back on.
Wait for the bootup sequence to finish.

3. Netflix should now be working normally.