Fortnite Battle Royale - All About Hop Rocks

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Hop rocks are the result of the huge meteor hit in the season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. The game has certainly a way to present itself that does not let the players get bored. The hop rocks can be very useful in helping you getting to high places and travelling faster with high jumps. You will find everything about the hop rocks in the guide below:

What Do They Do?
When you use hop rock, you will get a jump boost. The boost will last for 30 seconds. With the boost, you will be able to travel much farther, faster and higher than you would normally do when you jump forward. Remember, you will not run faster with the hop rocks, you will only jump faster. Also, you will not take any damage for falling when you are under the influence of the hop rocks. But, if you are still in the air and it runs out, you will fall badly and will take the damage as well.
To know when your hop rock’s influence is about to end, observe the purple aura around your character and as soon as it starts to fade, you need to stop jumping as it is near depleting. You cannot stock up the hop rocks but you can reset the length of its influence by consuming another hop rock. One secret thing about hop rocks is that you will jump much higher on the launch pad if you are under its influence.

Where to Find Them?
You can find the hop rocks in any area that has a crater but the most obvious place to find these is the Dusty Divot. There are tons of Hop rocks scattered around in the crater of Dusty Divot.

But as the map is evolving, you can also find the hop rocks inside the back of the big trucks. Just look for them on your way to the circle near the craters, you can spot the craters in the map if you spot closely.

How to Use Them?
Just like the rest of the items, all you need to do is to find the hop rocks on the ground, go near them and then use the “Use” key to consume them. It will only take one second to consume the hop rocks so you do not need to worry about getting attacked. One hop rock lasts up to 30 seconds. Also, the crater is usually in the open so it is best to build up walls before using them for an added layer of security.

This all that you need to know about the hop rocks. This information is enough to let you know where to find them, what they do and how to use them so there is nothing else to know. Just make sure to try them once to know the fun of high jumps in fortnite.