Stardew Valley “Advancement” Story Quest Guide

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Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: Advancement
Quest Text: As you gain experience you'll discover new crafting recipes to increase profit and make life easier. A Scarecrow, for example, will prevent crows from snacking on your precious crops.
Provided by: Complete "Getting Started"
Requirements: Reach Farming level 1 and craft a Scarecrow.
Reward: 100g

Stardew Valley is the virtual farming world; it is tons of fun, and the quests are very compelling. The quests are a measure of progressions in the games. The more quest you complete; the more progress you will make in the game. I have seen players get stuck on one, or two quests, and this can get in the way of thoroughly enjoying the game. The basic quests can seem like a nuisance, while the more advanced ones are challenging to solve.

The “advancement quest” is one of those that falls into the first category, for many, Advancement is more of a nuisance, but if you are new to the game, Advancement teaches you about another important aspect of the Stardew Valley Game. It is a Tutorial on how to craft.

To trigger this quest, you will first need to complete the Getting Started Quest, which you will complete by planting and harvesting Parsnip seeds.

This is the second quest and is pretty easy to complete. The advancement quest entails two things:
Firstly you will need to raise your farming skills to level one. You will achieve level one by harvesting the Parsnips from the “Getting Started Quest” and placing them in collectible bins. You level up overnight, and this will allow you to craft scarecrows on your farm. If you have done that, then let us begin:

To craft a scarecrow, you will need the following items: 50 Wood, one coal, and 20 fibre. I will tell you where to find all of these:

1. 50 wood can be located in the Forest, right on the boundary of your map. You can use an Axe to either chop down the trees or by slicing fallen logs.

2. One Coal. To find one coal, you will have to smash up rocks. Use your Pickaxe to smash the rocks around your area. This is more of a hit and miss Project so you will have to try a few rocks.

3. 20 Fiber. The Fiber is by far the easiest thing to find. You will either need an Axe or a Scythe. Slice bushes and the tall grass to obtain your Fiber.

4. Once you have collected all the materials, head on over to the Crafting tab, there should be an option for creating a Scarecrow on the Crafting Tab Menu.

Click on it to complete the quest. You will receive 100 gold as a prize for completing the Advancement Challenge. To collect the reward simply; go to the Journal page and collect the reward.

Congratulations on completing the “Advancement Quest,” if you have done everything, and have gone through all the steps in the Walkthrough, then you would have completed the first two quests, and you are making some real Progress. The “Advancement” is simple and easy to complete. You should complete the quest immediately, after completing the “Getting Started Quest,” if you hit a roadblock, then recheck the walkthrough. Good Luck!