Stardew Valley “Granny’s Gift” Story Quest Guide

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Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: Granny's Gift
Quest Text: Evelyn wants to surprise her husband with a gift.
Provided by: Mail, Spring 15, Year 2
Requirements: Bring Evelyn a Leek.
Reward: 500g, 1 Friendship heart

Stardew is a fun loving game that strives to enhance family values. Some of the quests will make you go “Awww.” These types of the quest are not only fun to do but are also very light-hearted. The whole subculture of helping out friends, family, and loved ones is a welcome change from the balls to wall action scenes.

The objective of the quest is simple. You have to give your 80-year-old Grandmother a gift of Leek. This Stardew Valley “Granny’s Gift” Story Quest Guide revolves around a step by step guide to completing the quest and achieving the reward.

You'll get this mission on the fifteenth of spring amid your second year of play. Granny Evelyn, who is the part of a happy octogenarian couple of Pelican Town, needs a Leek for her better half. What an awesome shock.

This mission is straightforward. There are two approaches to get a Leek:

Meander around: Basic as that. Leeks show up randomly on the guide outside Pelican Town and on the off chance that you check the street amongst town and your farm or the northern course that interfaces your home with the Carpenter's Shop, you'll definitely get to see one. This is more of a hit and miss process. You may get lucky or you may not. Just pray that your stars have aligned.

Develop Wild Seeds: Hack up enough greenery on your property and will undoubtedly go over Wild Seeds in the end. Develop enough of them, and the odds are that one of them will grow a Leek.

The main thing to remember is that Leeks just develop amid the spring. In as much as you discover one in the following thirteen days, which is likely regardless of whether you don't go searching for them particularly, you'll complete the journey. This is by far the easiest method to search for leek.

Take the Leek to Evelyn. She lives on 1 River Road, a short walk east of Pierre's General Store. And if she goes out she only from time to time moves past town square. She'll give you 500 gold for your inconveniences using the Journal and you'll gain a state of friendship with the young lady. This will help your standing in the community.

To collect your reward, you will have to open your journal (This can be done by either pressing J on your keyboard, or by clicking on the exclamation mark below the gold total. Once you are in the Journal, click on the reward at the bottom of your “Granny’s Gift” and your heart will be filled with warm and fuzzy feelings as everybody likes 500 gold.