Stardew Valley “Initiation” Story Quest Guide

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Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: Initiation
Quest Text: ] If you can slay 10 slimes, you'll have earned your place in the Adventurer's Guild.
Provided by: Mailbox, morning after reaching level 5 in The Mines
Requirements: 10 Slimes slain in The Mines (Slimes slain in the Secret Woods do not count towards this quest)
Reward: Get to enter the Adventurer's Guild

Stardew valley has a rich, and diverse quest list, and with each quest come complications and hardships. A person can spend hours at the computer looking for a particular object, person, or place. The hours that you spend gawking away at the monitor can quickly get on your nerves. Do yourself a favor, and if you can’t finish a Quest. Look for a walkthrough.

Stardew Valley “Initiation” Quest is one of the tougher quests that you will find in the game. The quest requires strategy, skill, and luck to be completed. Let us begin:

To trigger this mission you have to invest some time in the Mines. You'll see them in the upper east side of the Pelican Town toward the finish of the waterway that winds north and south through the east side of town.

1. After entering the Mines, you'll discover Marlon, an old warrior, who will need to see you how well you perform in the deep chasms of the mine. He'll give you a Rusty Sword which will then start the quest Explore the Mines. The Mines will be portrayed in more prominent detail in another article, however, for the minute the accompanying counsel will do the trick.

2. Each floor of the Mines is occupied by a blend of rocks, important assets, and creatures. The floors get bigger and the creatures deadlier as you go further down.

3. To get to the next floor, you have to discover a ladder. The ladder can be underneath of the rocks, or you can also sometimes the ladder by killing enemies. You will have to destroy a few rocks and kill some enemies .

4. Monsters will hurt you. Utilize the Sword to kill them. Bring nourishment things to reestablish Health and Energy.

5. While investigating the Mines, you'll go over awful little Slimes which assault by plunging themselves at you. Not very troublesome. Kill at least one Slime (they'll begin showing up on the second floor and beneath), at that point go home and rest. The following day you'll get a letter which triggers this journey.

6. Whatever remains of the mission is entirely straightforward: execute ten more Slimes. Killing slimes gets easier in time. Investigate the Mines at more prominent length to see what else is hiding in the corners. Once you've done this, you'll go to the Adventurer's Guild which is found outside the Mine. Here you can treat yourself to better adventuring gear and also procure healthy rewards for slaughtering beasts. Huzzah! You have completed yet another quest.

Stardew Valley “Initiation” Story Quest will take you one or two tries to solve, but this is one of the tough quests. You will need to bring resources to the mine, to regularly replenish your health and energy. Practice killing slime, before entering the mine. These can be tough buggers to kill. If you get lost on the way, you can always come back here to see where you went wrong.