Stardew Valley “The Skull Key” Story Quest Guide

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Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: The Skull Key
Quest Text: You found a strange looking key in the bottom of the mines.
Provided by: Reach the bottom level of The Mines.
Requirements: Discover the purpose of the Skull Key.
Reward: Access to the desert mine

Stardew Valley is an Adorable Game. The virtual world has a group of quests that you should finish to win. The Quests are of differing levels of trouble. I recall when I initially began playing the game that; I experienced issues in completing some of the more difficult quests, I would invest hours searching for a specific individual, or a particular place, and I would regularly require help to finish journeys. Since I have completed the Game. I have decided to help another Stardew beginner.

You'll trigger this journey by finishing one of the more troublesome undertakings in Stardew Valley: achieving the most minimal level of the Mines loaded with villains of different types. Also, you will have to bust open a great number of rocks, the mines is a worthy enemy itself. Here is how you can complete the Stardew Valley “The Skull Key” Story quest.

1. Bring nourishment. You'll discover some source of food, every so often, however not frequently enough.

2. Redesign your hardware. The more progress, you make; the more difficult the creatures of the mine will become to overcome. The Adventurer's Guild has you secured on that front.

3. Redesign your Pickaxe. The mine will eat away at your energy. The quicker you can go through something, the better off you will be.

4. You can finish the five levels of the mine, anytime you want. You can even take more than a few days. The first five levels are easy, but the rest of the levels are a significant challenge, you will need to overcome a great many problems, and the more time you spend on the mine; the more likely you are to be killed.

5. Do it in winter. There are no crops to look after amid this season; you won’t have to worry on the crop front.

6. The Skull Key is situated on level 120 of the Mines at the lower floor. Once you open the chest that contains the key, this mission will be completed. Now you need to make sense of what to do with it.

7. The skull key allows access to a dungeon in the Calico Desert. But, first to unlock the Calico Desert you will need to either have completed the Vault Golden Scroll that is at the community center or purchase the bus development from the Joja market. Both of them require you to gather 40,000 gold.

8. In the Calico Desert, there is a cave on the northwest side. Now with the skull key, you can open the door of the cave that has a skull face.

Congratulation the opening of the door will have completed the quest. You can pick your well-deserved reward from the reward page. Stardew Valley “The Skull Key” Story quest require serious time, and energy to complete, but have no worries. The step by step guide will make your job easier.