Stardew Valley Guide to Getting Started First Year on the Farm

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Surviving in the cut-throat virtual world of the online sensation can be tough; it requires considerable skill, and in no small parts strategy. Most of the new-comers don’t have the will and the effort that it requires to succeed in the farming realm of Stardew valley. They give up far too early. This article is a season to season guide on how to make the use of the resources and the land that you have in the world of Stardew valley.

Your first spring is the toughest. You start with a limited amount of money and resources, and not a lot of content is available to you. To survive and thrive; keep a close eye on the community center bundles. Plan on what you need to get done in the springtime: foraging, crops, and parsnips should be at the top of the list. Also check online for what type of fishes can be caught in spring.
Try to form a part of the land, chop of the wood, cut grass, and break the rocks. Built a silo to turn grass into hay. Try to explore the game, and try to understand how the game works, but most importantly save money.

Summer is your best friend. Summer years are incredibly profitable. As soon as summers start; invest in quality sprinklers. It will water the plants for you, thus saving you time and money. Make as many hops and kegs as you can. If you haven’t reached level 8 yet, then wait for the next summer.
Farm blueberries which are the most profitable, and corn which will last you all the way to the fall. Do all these things while still farming as much land as you can. Completing quests, and regularly visiting the community center is also necessary.

Fall is tough, but not if you have kegs. Kegs and preserve jars will be your main source of income in the falls. Kegs are more profitable, but they take longer. Jars are less profitable but don’t take as much time as the kegs.
Farm Cranberries, what Blueberries were to the summer, Cranberries is to the fall. Fall also has the Stardew Valley Fair. You would like to bring at least 8 of your diverse, and best products. Getting first prize is easy and hugely profitable.

Winter is the toughest time of all; no crops grow in winter. Instead of spending resources try to redesign the farm, upgrade your tools, and socialize with the neighbors. Winter is also a good time to visit the mines. Winter is probably the most profitable time to stock up on Gold, Iron, and copper. The general rule of winter is to spend less, and earn whatever you can.

Seasons in the Stardew Valley games are just like the real world. You will need to learn the game in spring while making steady progress. Make as much profit as possible in the summer. Fall is a good time to diversify and look for new things to do, and you just have to survive the winter. Do all the things that you couldn’t in the other season.