Fortnite Battle Royale - Challenges Guide for Week 10 Season 4

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Finally, the last week of season 4. To be honest, it was a pretty crazy ride, and all of us enjoyed it. Now it’s time to pay tribute to the season 4 by completing all of its week 10’s challenges on time. So buckle up soldiers and start completing them one by one. Follow the guide below to get some help:

Search Chests in Junk Junction:
It is usually a deserted spot so you will not see a lot of people there. However, with the initiation of this challenge, you can expect some company. The area has some decent loot as well, so you can easily gear up and defend yourself while searching for the chests.

Deal Damage to Opponent Structures:
This is an easy task especially if you use some sort of big weapons like a rocket launcher, grenade launcher or even a minigun. Some remote explosives, sticky bombs or grenades will do the trick as well. You will need to do at least 5000 damage to the structures in total so it may take a bit of time but if you start working on it from now, you will be able to complete it before the end of the season.

Search a chest, Ammo box and Supply drop in a Single Match:
This one may seem easy but the challenging thing to do is to get a supply drop and you may go through a few games before you can nab one. It is suggested that you head to some low population area and you may find a supply drop that is not highly congested.

Skydive Through the Floating Rings:
It is an easy task as you will see the rings spread across the sky. You can just pass through 20 rings to finish this challenge. However, the only drawback is that you can mess up your landing but getting the challenge completed before the end of the season is more important.

Search between Movie Titles:
You can conduct your own search and get to the treasure but it is not easy to do so in this challenge. There are some movies running on the screen at Risky Reels and you need to find out the chest location based on the movies. Or, you can simply go to the left bottom corner of C1 and get the treasure.

Eliminate 10 Opponents:
It is a bit challenging as you need to eliminate ten enemies. But if you are not too bad at the game, then you will be able to complete it easily. Fly to Junk Junction as people will be coming there to search chests and you can kill them when they are busy searching.

Eliminate Opponents in Fatal Fields:
This one is pretty easy as you just need to kill some guys in this area. Also, it will help you complete the second last challenge of killing ten enemies as well. Land at Fatal Fields and go behind the two-story house, you will get some loot there. There is also a small grey barn next to a red barn. You can get some loot in there as well. Gear up and start killing.

These are all the challenges that you need to complete. Follow the instructions mentioned above and you will be able to complete all of them before the season 10 ends.