Netflix Error UI-113: Fix On PS4

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The PS4 and the PS4 Pro will get Error UI-113 when the
Netflix app has bad or corrupted information on the console. To get rid of this
error, users will have to force the console to purge the old data.

Restart The Console

A restart gets rid of any hangs in the Netflix app. It will
also jumpstart a connection to the Netflix servers.

1. Turn off the PS4 and unplug it from the wall outlet for
one minute.

2. Plug the PS4 back in and press the power button on the

3. Netflix should now be working.

Sign Out Of The App

Signing out of Netflix is quick and easy, forcing the app to
attempt a reconnect after a new sign-in. Make sure you have your username and
password handy before trying this method.

1. While on the Netflix home screen, press the O button on
the gamepad.

2. Select the Gear Icon, and then choose to Sign Out. Make
sure to select Yes to confirm the action.

3. Sign back into Netflix. The app should now be error free.

Connect The PS4 Directly To The Modem

A direct connection gets rid of problems grabbing data from
Netflix servers. If this method works, you can go back to a wireless connection

1. Turn off the PS4.

2. Connect an Ethernet cable directly from the console to
your modem.

3. Unplug or power down the modem for one full minute.

4. Plug the modem back in and wait for the lights to set.

5. Turn on your PS4 and open the now working Netflix app.