Netflix Error UI-113: Fix On Xbox 360

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When Error UI-113 pops up on Netflix while using it on the
Xbox 360, users can rely on the following two fixes to get it working again.
Technical knowledge isn’t required, and all of the steps requiring navigation
can be handled through the Kinect.

Restart The Console

Restarting is quick, even on older versions of the 360. Try
this troubleshooting step first since it is the quicker of the two. If the plug
is out of reach, then unplug it from the console instead of the wall outlet.
Following through with this fix won’t delete any data on the console.

1. Turn off the Xbox 360.

2. Unplug the power from the console and wait one full

3. Hold down the power button on the device for five

4. Plug the power back in and turn on the console.

5. Open the Netflix app and start streaming.

Sign Out Of The App

Signing out of the Netflix app requires the current username
and password combination to sign back in. The steps below will force the app to
communicate with Netflix servers and download the correct data so that it
functions properly.

1. Press the B button on the gamepad while you’re inside the
Netflix app.

2. When the onscreen menu pops up, select the Gear Icon.

3. Choose to Sign Out. Make sure to confirm it by selecting

4. Sign into Netflix again and it should work normally.