Netflix Error 152: Fix On Apple TV

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Because of the differences between the Apple TV generations,
troubleshooting tips differ for each device. But the type of fix remains the
same with both, requiring the user to force reauthorization on all affected
devices. Error 152 is Apple specific, and is followed by an authorization-failed
message. If you see this error on any of your Apple TV devices, use the below
fix to get Netflix streaming normally.

Sign Out Of Netflix On Apple TV 2/3 Devices

Signing out of Netflix is necessary to make the app
reauthorize the current user. You’ll need the current username and password
combo to do this, so make sure you have it handy before signing out of the
account. A slight lag while logging out is normal on the older devices, so pay
it no mind.  

1. Go To The Netflix Home Screen.

2. Choose to Sign Out of The Account.

3. Sign back in and Netflix should now be working normally.

Sign out Of Netflix On Apple TV 4/4k Devices

On the newer Apple 4 and 4k TV devices, Error 152 can be
fixed by signing out of the account. This is similar to the instructions for
the older models, but has a different set of troubleshooting steps. Once done,
it should authorize the user immediately on sign in.

1. While inside of the Netflix app, press the Menu button on
your remote control.

2. Select settings and then Sign Out of the account.

3. Sign back into Netflix and it will work like normal.