Netflix Error 139: Fix On Apple Devices

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The below fixes will work with any generation of the iPhone,
iPad or iPod devices. Error 139 is an authentication failure similar to Error
152. Just like Error 152, it only affects iOS devices, but troubleshooting
steps are a bit different. No major technical knowledge is needed to get
Netflix working again with either of the steps below.

Select A Different Wi-Fi Network

Choosing a different network allows the app to authorize
normally. The Netflix servers will see it as a brand new connection and force
the app to work. You will need a second open connection to make this fix work.
If it is a secure connection, then the current password is needed.

1. Press the Home button on the device.

2. Select Settings and then Wi-Fi.

3. Choose a different Network that you have access to.

4. After it connects, try out Netflix again.

Restart The Device

A restart is not the quickest way to resolve this error, but
it is the favorable solution if you don’t have a second network to jump to.
Restarting can fix Error 139 in the app so that it stream content normally
without needing to change wireless networks.

1. Hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds.

2. Drag the Power Off slider to turn off the device.

3. Wait ten seconds and then press the Sleep/Wake button to
turn the device back on.

4. Once you are at the Home Screen again, try to stream with