Netflix Error 0013: Fix On Android Devices

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Error 0013 is an Android specific Netflix problem that has
to do with bad information stored on the device. Users need to either refresh
or delete this bad data so that they can stream normally. The fixes are
designed to work with all android operated tablets and smartphones.

Restart The Android Device

Restarting the device is the best way to clear out bad data.
For this specific error, it has a high success rate when you’re on the latest
version of Netflix. Power off screens will different from one device to the
next, but they all serve the same purpose.

1. Hold down the power button to turn off the device.

2. Select Shutdown or Power Off at the prompt on the screen.

3. Wait ten seconds and then press the power button again to
turn the device back on.

4. Netflix should now work.

Clear The App Data From Netflix

Think of this as the direct way of dealing with bad data on
the Netflix app. Using this fix will force you to login with the current
username and password, so make sure you have it memorized. This fix will also
delete movies downloaded from the app.

1. Navigate to Settings while on the Home Screen of the

2. Select General and then Apps.

3. Choose Manage Applications.

4. Find the Netflix app and select Storage.

5. Select the option to Clear Data and press tap OK to confirm
the selection.

6. Login to Netflix.