Netflix Error 12001: Fix On Android Devices

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Netflix Error 12001 usually affects Android devices more
than other streaming systems. The fixes listed are for android tablets and
smartphones running any version of the Android operating system. It is an error
related to bad information stored on the device, so no network troubleshooting
is needed.

Restart The Android Device

By restarting he device you allow the Netflix app to attempt
a resync the next time you load it up. You only need to do the restart one time
to see the effects of the fix and to know if further troubleshooting is needed.

1. Hold down the power button and select Power off when the
menu pops up.

2. Wait ten seconds and then press the Power button again to
turn on the device.

3. After it finishes booting up open the Netflix app and
stream normally.

Clear The App Data

Clearing app data will log you out of Netflix and also
delete any downloaded movies or television shows. It is a brute for fix for
refreshing data on the device but is a tad quicker than doing a full reinstall
of the application.

1. Go to Settings from the Home Screen.

2. Go to Apps and then Manage Applications.

3. Navigate through the apps until you see Netflix.

4. Select Storage, and then the option to Clear Data. Make
sure to confirm it by selecting Ok.

5. When the data is erased, log back into Netflix and begin
using the app again.