Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Amazon Fire Devices

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On all the Amazon Fire devices, Error  TVQ-ST-103 relates to several connectivity
issues. No advanced network configurations are needed to resolve it, so the
fixes below should be useful for all technical levels. Users on older Amazon
Fire devices may want to try the second fix first.

Reload The App

This built in feature is a quick way to gauge if the problem
is temporary or serious. The reload option for this error is built into all
versions of the Netflix app on Amazon Fire. Stick users may get slight lag
after choosing the option since it forces the app to restart from the limited

1. While the error is still onscreen, select More Details.

2. Choose to Reload Netflix. Wait for the process to

3. Once it finishes, try streaming with Netflix again.

Reinstall The Netflix App

Reinstalling is a brute force method that has a high success
rate for Error TVQ-ST-103. Users on older Amazon Fire devices should attempt
this fix since it addresses the connectivity issues better than Reloading the

1. Select Settings from the Home Screen.

2. Choose Applications, then move to Manage All Installed

3. Find the Netflix App and select the Uninstall option.

4. Go back to the Home Screen and select Search.

5. Search for Netflix, then click the option to Download.

6. After it finishes, Open the app and Sign In.

7. Netflix should now be operational.