Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On PS3

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Unlike other Netflix networking errors on the PS3, Error TVQ-ST-103
can be resolved without customizing the network configuration of the device.
This is helpful for stock and modded consoles if you have specific settings you
want to keep. The fixes below work on all generations of the PS3, even the
Super Slim.

Restart The Console

Restarting will clear out the piece of data that is causing
the network connectivity glitch in Netflix. By discharging, it also gets rid of
any bad information that is leftover. This prevents the same error from popping
up twice when Netflix is unable to communicate with servers.

1. Turn off and then unplug the PS3 for one minute.

2. While the system is unplugged, hold down the power button
for five seconds.

3. Plug the PS3 back in and press the PS button on the
dualshock controller to power it on.

4. Open the now working Netflix app.

Reload The App

Reloading the Netflix app is available on some Netflix app
versions on the PS3. This is a quick fix that requires no technical expertise
to fix. Depending on your model of the PS3, the reload time can be several
seconds or a full minute. . If it freezes, give it time to fix itself before
turning off the console.

1. While you are on the error screen select More Details.

2. Choose to Reload Netflix. It will take a few seconds to
finish the process.

3. Once it is back up again, try to stream media.