Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Streaming Media Players

Streaming Netflix Home Theatre Media Player
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Streaming media players often run customized versions of the
Android OS, but still receive the same version of Netflix from the Play Store.
Based on OS version, a streaming media player can use a variety of Netflix
versions, even tablet based installations. This is important since Error TVQ-ST-103
on a streaming media player will have one of the two fixes below. For older
media players use the restart fix, for new media players use the built in
reload fix.

Reload The Netflix App

This fix is meant for modern versions of streaming media
players. They are more likely to accept this fix without any problems. A reload
takes the app out of memory and reopens it. It is basically a forced restart
just for the app itself.

1. On the current error screen, choose More Details.

2. Highlight and select Reload Netflix.

3. After it finishes reloading, you can use Netflix without
any errors.

Restart The Device

Use this fix for older streaming media players. A restart
has a higher success rate for older models, and is less likely to throw you an
alternative error. Sometimes doing this fix twice is necessary to get the full

1. Power down and unplug the media player for one minute.

2. If the device has a power button, hold it down for five

3. Plug it back in and wait for the boot up sequence to

4. Netflix should now be working.