Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Roku

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It’s important to note that some versions of the Roku now
have a power button. Power the devices down this way before unplugging them if
you have that specific model. Error TVQ-ST-103 is an error that Roku users get
when the Netflix app can’t communicate with the server. Although it is network
related, the fix concentrates on restoring the integrity of the app itself.

Restart The Device

Users that have a power button on their Roku should power
the unit down that way before unplugging it. A restart is the quickest fix and
is very likely to resolve Error TVQ-ST-103 in less than two minutes. Older
models of the Roku will take the longest since their boot up times are

1. Unplug the power from the Roku and wait ten seconds.

2. Plug the Roku back in. Wait for the startup sequence to

3. Open the Netflix app and stream a television show or

Sign Out Of Netflix

If you have the current username and password for the
account, this is a viable second option for a fix. Signing out of the app
forces it to reconnect to the servers once you log back in. This quick change
of information is vital in establishing a connection and getting rid of Error TVQ-ST-103.

1. With the error still on the screen, select More Details.

2. Choose to Reset. On some versions, it will say

3. Wait for the process to finish. Sign back into Netflix
and begin streaming again.