Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 console is one of the few devices that needs
the user to address network settings for Error  TVQ-ST-103. It isn’t the only fix, but
adjusting DNS settings is the best bet you have to get Netflix working again.
Both fixes work on all models of the 360 console, even modified versions.

Correct The DNS Settings

Changing the DNS settings to automatic gets rid of any
problems related to network connectivity. Once set, the Netflix app will
reconnect to Netflix servers without any errors. Make sure to follow the fix
carefully and don’t change anything else except for the DNS settings.

1. Press the Guide button on the Xbox 360 gamepad.

2. Go to Settings and then System Settings.

3. Choose Network Settings

4. Find your Network and then select Configure Network.

5. Change the DNS Settings to Automatic.

6. Turn the Xbox off, wait a few seconds and then turn it
back on.

7. Open the Netflix app and stream any show.

Reload The Netflix App

By using this built in fix from Netflix, you can save a lot
of time. It isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it can be worth it if you don’t want to
mess with the DNS settings. Reloading will only take a couple of seconds as the
system puts the app out of the console’s memory.

1. With the error still on the screen, select More Details.

2. Next, select Reload Netflix. Wait for the process to

3. Open the app again and stream normally.