What does it take to run a UT game server?

Does anyone know what kinda muscle it would take to run a public UT game server?

Parts, prices, suggestions?

How much (ball park) are T1 lines? Fractionals? Would T1 be necessary if this were going to be a public place? And what the differences if it were to host mutiple UT servers?

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  1. it takes a fairly decent computer to run a server well, you should do fine with buisness class dsl (same up and down) not too sure how many connections thats good for, but it should be good for about 24. if dsl doesnt do it for you a t1 line will cost about 200 bucks a month and i dont know of any comercial device that will connect to a t1, so you have to get a router, the cheapest i know of that will do it is 800 bucks. and you have to know how to configure a cisco router.

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  2. 200 Bucks a month for a T1?!?!? Sign me up! Where are you getting that price from? If I could get that here in Chicago I would seriously consider it.

  3. If I could get DSL at all I would sign-up -- too far from the CO. Comcast cable for me for now...

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