HP's cloud computing

i am not sure where cloud computing falls but.....

so HP dropped 9,000 workeres in favor of building a cloud computing center


so what are your ideas about this?

it may soon cause more layoffs but is there any big benefit in this new technology?
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  1. Personally I don't like the idea of cloud computing at all. I'll be sticking with a regular desktop of my own the way I am now for a long time.
  2. I don't think we can possibly thing that we aren't going to the cloud at some point, but too often, I find that "cloud" is poorly defined.

    I'm a greater fan of internal cloud computing (ie Virtualization - VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, etc), but it's difficult to think that some things will not go to the cloud.

    One example the Spam filter and a Secure Web Gateway. It's impossible to protect primarily mobile users without sending the traffic through the cloud - we'd have to send them back to the office, then out to the internet - quasi VPN style. I'd imagine that could add some latency and be a bit ridiculous, and incur greater costs in bandwidth at the office.

    I think it's unfortunate that 9,000 people are losing their jobs, but in some ways moving to centralized processing and management only makes sense. I like to keep things in house as much as possible, since I think the cloud can present some privacy concerns, but some thing are just going to move that way.
  3. Cloud computing is for applications that need to scale.

    Sometimes people need the reliability of a full enterprise network, but they can't afford the up-keep.

    It's a poor-mans datacenter.
  4. In some ways it does allow enterprise applications for smaller businesses, but in discussions, it makes sense, at times, to allow a company that is an expert in one area deal with that traffic - examples are SPAM, e-mail, proxy servers, etc. Sometimes it makes more sense to do it that way, instead of having an admin split their time being a "jack of all trades," or instead of hiring more people to do that task.
  5. couldn't cloud computing increase the potential of desktop gaming?

    what about RT? could this help? with the right servers......
  6. also wouldn't this weaken the overall security of a country with all the servers of companies based in one place, you could wipe out 2 or 3 banks in a terrorist attack.....
  7. Those are interesting points. I guess part of the benefit of cloud computing is using centralized resources, but you still don't want a single point of failure. I would imagine multiple data centers, or a hot-site to mitigate this risk.
  8. as well as cyberattacks.....
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