Hypervisor system, Intel or AMD

Heey all,

I was wondering witch processor would be the best for virtualization.
Both got techniques for that. Intel VT and AMD-V.

Who has some experience with that, let me know.

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  1. both are good. Go with the more powerful processor.
  2. ive had much better experiences on the xeon processor with the ESX and ESXi from VMware.

    i know alot of people in data centers and it departments. and have forever pushed intel platforms for the hypervisors. i personally have bad expereinces with AMD-V and 64-bit virtual boxes but ive never ever had a hardware related issue between a hypervisor or virtual box and the intel hardware
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  4. When I first experimented with HyperV I used a cheap HP Proliant ML115 running a quad core Xeon. It runs smoothly with 2 guest operating systems, 2008R2 for Terminal Services licensing and a 2003R2 running a webserver. To my surprise, the processor doesn't support virtualization but it works fine! (I use it for my licensing server). I tried doing the same thing with another ML115, this time with a Athlon 64 but Server 2008 refuses to install. XP, Server 2003 and Ubuntu works fine though.

    Whatever you do, make sure you have one guest per core! (Save one for your host too!)
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