I think that the 20 or so million people that use AOL are proof that "stupid people breed"

There is a set amount of intelligence on this earth, unfortionately the population keeps growing, but the intelligence doesn't

It's the plague on computers that I have had to fix

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  1. hey that's life. survival of the fittest. if everyone were the same intelligent level, then who's going to pick up my garbage or serve me food?\
    aol sucks. i remember when aol changed their plan to unlimited usage. so many people signed up that it was impossible to get on. their service record is so bad, i don't know how they came to be so big.

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  2. AOL is a gimic is my problem. It will say you connect at 53333 or even 56666 ????, but if you check the bandwidth it's really in the 20's or at max 33. It's a joke. You click on a button and it's like the old 2400 baud days. Why would you use AOL when you can get netzero or something equivilant which is free and faster???
  3. First of all, it's AOHell, not AOL. Please be sure to spell it correctly! :-)

    I try and try to get my computer illiterate friends and family to drop AOHell but they just won't. They say "it's so easy to use" and that they "like the cool graphics and the exclusive content".

    Like an ISP and a web browser are hard to use! And as if you can't get all the same stuff on the web for free!

    The only way AOHell stays in business is that they constantly sign up newbies who don't know any better. The newbies replace the people that are constantly dropping AOHell. There's even a term for it: "churn".

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  4. I use AOL. I have the DSL option and it works the balls (so far) It's incredibly fast, always on, and cheap ($39.95) I also get to use my phone while online which is the main reason I went with DSL plan. I download 1mb per 10 seconds. I think that's pretty good. Although, if you EVER have a problem, you are up a creek without a paddle. Their tech support is between non existent and idiotic. For any problem you have the first thing to try is uninstall & reinstall, if that don't work you'll never fix it. AOL is fine as long as it's working. But thats just my opinion
  5. i'm guessing that's a monthly fee (39.95)

    I would hate to burst your bubble but that ain't cheap. I get mine for $25.

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  6. Hate to burst your bubble, but you're paying too much and you probably aren't getting what you think you are. Go and check your bandwidth. I'll bet they have you at 144kbps for that price. You're getting robbed.

    AOL is for morons. Yet I too have friends who refuse to let it go. The worst part is when I get customers who use AOL. Then I know I'm in for a long ride with someone who just doesn't get it.

    Real DSL at that price should be getting you that same 1 mb in 1/2 the time or faster depending on how close you are to the phone company. You're getting 100 kb a second max right? Well, people on dsl get basically 200-500 at least. Unless you really get bad service...
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  7. My bubble is fine. As far as bandwith, my download is usually around 490 and 72 up. I test regularly. $40 is still pretty cheap regardless if you get it for $25. I am happy with it, works good, I can leave it on 24 hours a day with no "idle" shutoffs. Customer support blows, so you better not have a problem but I don't usually ever have problems so no big deal there. To each his own. I am not an idiot and yes I did breed. MSN was $50 a month plus a $100 signup fee, others I checked were even higher than that. I like Instant messaging and chat rooms are good when you need answers to things NOW, I hate ICQ Like I said, to each his own. Plus, regarding the $40 a month versus $25. All you gotta do with AOL is call up and bitch once in a while and they give you a couple months free to keep you happy, when I threatened to cancel before they gave me 3 free months.
  8. I think AOL should be declared a virus. Once on your system it changes many parts of windows and once its in there you can not get rid of it without a reload. Sounds like a virus to me.

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  9.'re getting free months. Very good. That's the only way to go. My hat's off to you for that. I still think you could do better. You sound like a reasonable guy so you probably did your checking. I suppose it depends on where you live as far as what providers are available, but I would put AOL last on my list....dsl or dialup...

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  10. AOL is a nightmare the guys were high when they made

    i wonder how many people have called the Better Buisness Bearou yet?

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  11. I get a constant download speed of around 200 kilobytes a second (not kilobits).

    i think it's you whose getting robbed :wink: (im getting rich hehe)

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

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  12. 200 kb? You can get more...a lot more...

    Customer service?
    What about the ghetto chatrooms?
    What about the crappy software?
    Porn mail?
    Trying to get your credit card number?

    Why pay more for less...

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  13. No, he said he gets 200KB, not 200kb! That's an average MP3 in 20 seconds. Most sites can't serve data nearly fast enough to sustain that kind of a download rate so why get more?
  14. Hehe mines at 490 kbps and its a free lan hookup. Not sure what the exact line speed is, but i can download up to that speed. Im on a network with a 20 meg pipe, usually runs everything(except napster) fast.

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  15. hmmm... Since there are 8 bits in a byte, that puts your speed around 61 KB a second, and seriously makes me wonder what kind of service grizely1 gets for 25 dollars a month. 1.6 Mb/s? Wow I need to sign up for that! Who are you with? freakin tight!

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  16. I work for an ISP, not a content provider which is what AOL is. I had an ex AOL customer explain to me that his connection rate of 49K (dial up) was too slow, why he connected at 56K to AOL!

    Well, knowing that you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink it, I realized that explaning to this guy that 56K is an impossible connection rate was pointless. I decided to fight fire with fire so to speak, I popped AT&F1 I believe it was into his modem's extra settings which causes DUN to report a connection rate of the maximum port speed (usually 115,200bps) and had the guy reconnect.

    This guy was flabbergasted that I was able to increase his connection rate to 115,200 and was happy as a pig in sh*t.

    Yeah, AOL attracts the bottom of the barrel all right.
  17. 490 kiloBYTES? or BITS? Cause I get 200KiloBYTES per second, the CO is downtown

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  18. Yeah, I know, but I'm not going to argue with anyone about AOL. I know it's a big joke and you get less than you pay for (or you pay too much for those of you who don't understand). I was trying to make a point at the begining of this thread, and I think it's been made many times over.


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  19. Well according to Cnets test my bandwidth was just rated at 815.2 kbps. I can usually download at max of 400k under IE 5.5 Got me on if that is kilobytes or kilobits.

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  20. Im on a network with a dedicated 20 meg line. I have a shared bandwidth. Its not a DSL, ADSL, or cable. Just run off cisco routers.

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