Can't access computers on my LAN!!

Hey, I just set my LAN. I have two computers and a laptopm, with plans for inviting friends over. They are connected through a linksys router. I have winXP pro running on all machines. I have file and print sharing turned on, on all of them. THE PROBLEM: I can access my computer from all the machines in the network, but i can't access none of the computers on the lan from my machine. when i try, it ask me for a login and password. I installed winXPpro on all of the machines and I never set a network login and password up on any of them. Does anybody have an idea of what i could try to do to fix this problem.

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  1. DiD you Share the computers?.... try this..

    go to control panel and go to your Internet Section where you create internet connections..

    from the computer that you wanna use but can't access the other computers.. Create a Connection and follow the steps for a LAN setup... you can try this...

    Also on your Router... for the DHCP users, make sure you have enough set.. Router = 1, and then add 1 for every computer... so 5 computer setup would need 6... that's the way it has worked for me... just a simple thing just to check.... and when you do this remember to Shut down everything including modem and router to reset them..

    Also What are you trying to share? i mean just the C:/ drives? if you right click the C drives go to shareing and you can share it that way and then again don't forget to shut everything and give it a fresh boot

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