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Windows7 64-bit with xp32 and vista32

I have a wierd bug with a new windows7 installation.

I have a PC built in 07 with Core2 Duo E6600, 4GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive where I had a dualboot with XP 32-bit and Vista 32-bit (Vista installed second). The normal bootloader will show Vista and the Earlier version of Windows (XP).
I had 50GB of spare space on this hard drive and created a new partition on it.
I installed Windows7 64 bit on it.

Now, when I reboot without the Windows7 DVD in drive or with the Hard disk set as first boot device, the bootloader I get shown is the one which I had earlier for Vista - ie displaying only Vista and XP
If I boot with the Windows7 DVD in drive and the CD drive is the first boot device and I choose not to boot from CD/DVD, then I am shown the Windows7 bootloader.

There is another thing wrong with the bootloader - it only shows the Windows 7 option and does not show Vista or XP

I am not sure why that is happening. Has anybody else seen somethign similar?
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    Boot to the Win 7 DVD - Select "Repair" in the lower left hand corner. It will tell you it detected a problem and offer to fix it. Say yes.

    When it's done, you shoudl see all 3
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