How to get around GPO blocking internet explorer

In a lab environment, I have a A small network of Server2008 and client: Win7. I have a GPO blocking the usage of iexplorer.exe @ C:\program files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe. It works fine, which is part of my experiment. But what I would like to know is how to get around the GPO and still use IE? If at all?

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  1. Disable the GPO or move the computer object out of the OU structure where the GPO resides.
  2. I believe the idea was to get around it, not disable it. Although someone "hacking" would try to do that so I guess that does make sense.
    If the GPO is set Globally, wouldn't I have to roll the system off the domain to properly use IE?
  3. Possibly. Depends on how the GPO is set. Once set, it may stick around. It could be set as a preference as well.

    How would you get around a GPO? Install a different browser. :)

    Also, you might be able to rename Iexplorer.exe to something else and launch that. I haven't played with the restrictions on it but it might work.
  4. I haven't really messed with GPO much, so I am not sure how smart it is. The things I can think off the top of my head are.

    Different Browser.
    Remote Desk Session.
    Viewing a website via another website that is approved.
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