Scariest Game Everrrrrr!

I havent played many but CLive Barker's Undying surely did make me pee in the pants. And probably DooMIII will too

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  1. yup, that game made me jump a few times =\...

    so did res. evil 8D
  2. Ive played this game and enjoyed it much. This game is probably not for people with heart disease!

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  3. 4 years ago HalfLife with 4.1 system, 19" monitor, played with lights off at 12:00 was the scariest thing. I jumped out of my chair several times there.

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  4. Back in the day, wayyy back, Pyramid of Pearl scared the crap out of me. Used to play it in the dark for an extra effect.

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  5. Quake II messed me up good a few times.


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  6. The dinosaur game? That game was so buggy that I just stopped playing.

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  7. Is there an undying II in the making?
    How was sytem shock i have heard a lot about it.
    I preferred to play Undying in the dark and midnight but that was too damn scary so i had to put some music on :p

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  8. Yeah, Quake 2 made me jump every once in awhile. Alien v. Predator also had it's "out-of-the-dark" surprises.

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  9. Quake II wasnt scary!!! Whats wrong with you people.

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  10. Or maybe it was but i only played the demo when it came out.

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  11. The first resident evil on the Playstation. I remember that part when the dog crashed through the window and my heart skipping a beat.

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  12. It wasn't all that scary really, it's just that there were a lot of startling situations. You'd be in a huge fire fight, kill everyone, and then go exploring a bit to catch your breath and get out of the room. You walk by a box and out from the dark corner jumps out one of those metal hook armed guys "TRESSPASSER!!!"

    It just startles you a bit.

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  13. Only game that was kindof scarry to me was thief. It had its moments with the zombies and such. I'll have to look into undying.
  14. Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "scary" then. If you mean "spooky," well...I haven't really played a game that was really scary. Not like watching Poltergeist or The Exorcist or something. I haven't played Undying, though. Maybe I'll check it out. I've had two games that were supposed to be scary--Phantasmagoria and Nocturne. They were both fairly cool, but neither one was scary.

    Of course, I lived near Hollywood for awhile, and after seeing the weirdos up there, nothing really scares me any more. :smile:

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  15. Yea i manly mean the out of the dark surprises.If you want an all out scary game then carnivores was one spooky game with its environments and sounds and the way the dinos ran at you tha was good. Talking about phantasmagoria that was one scary game i've read a lot about it (never played it though)
    Not that this concerns the subject but Myst III is out is it good?? i read a lot about myst the sequel to riven and how u had to note down things to solve mysteries and stuff but that was 5 years ago and my Comp couldnt do SH** back then.

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  16. I thought Aliens vs Predator was bad, but Aliens vs Predator 2 playing as the marine could probably cause a heart attack, you have to take a break every now and then and remind yourself its just a game.

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  17. D000d! Do u have a copy of trespasser?? I love that game; bought it but it never shipped (and they took my money!). Could u send me the iso?

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  18. lol, try that game on a 5.1 system with a 60" projection screen when it's dark. I think u'd be likely to sh!t ur pants hehe.

    Hilbert space is a big place.
  19. Hehe! He was talking about of the cyborg monsters would yell "Trespasser!" right before killing you with his sword-arms. And he was a bad-ass monster in the game, so you didn't really enjoy hearing that.

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  20. Clive Barker's Undying.

    It was spooky and scary enough to make me give up and find cheat codes for it. And I hated those [-peep-] skeletons.
  21. Those dog like creatures were much worse with their howling and when they jumped down from the cieling

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  22. half life had some startling aspects to it, those stupid head crabs liked to hide in vents and around corners. it was almost imposible to avoid getting attacked by them. your just walking along cant see anything, then whack! doom used to scare me pretty good, i was a lot younger then too. first time i got to the part with that pink bulldog monster thing, that was invisible, i had to quit. lol

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  23. It's kinda funny to see these things hanging on the cieling waiting for me (before entering a room while looking upwards)

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  24. nar return to castle wolvenstein played at one in the morning with lights off at the arckilogical dig part scared the crap out of me somethin silly

  25. I gotta agree with you about RTCW. The archaeological dig is a very nice map. Also, the sound of those biomechs clinking around in the cages freaks me out some too. It can all get freaky with a good computer and sound system.

    I also liked American McGee's "Alice". I thought that was a fairly freaky game. It was like Alice In Wonderland, but while on shrooms. If you really were on schrooms, that game would be the freakiest.

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  26. yep that was on freaky game with some eeerie music

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  27. I would have to say the scariest game I've ever played was Aliens vs. Predator 2 as the marine. Your light would go out at the worst times, and in a near-black room with Aliens all over the place, the pucker factor is pretty damn high.
  28. i have yet to find a scary game....

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  29. what about Aliens VS Predator 2??
    i still havnt completed it yet. man.. it scared the crap out of me.
  30. The first time I met the Skaarj in the original Unreal...
    Hit that switch then, cachunk, cachunk one light after the other goes out...

    The rest of the game wasn't scary though.

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  31. The most scariest games I ever played were:
    Aliens vs Predator (the original one, not the sequel),
    The Thing,
    and probably the scariest of them all (in a very physiological way) is the gaming masterpiece Silent Hill 2.

    I've only played the demo of Undying but I found it very creepy, I'm still considering to get the full game.

    The least scariest games were definitely Quake 2 (boring linear, repetitive SP) and the crappy Unreal 2 (did U2 even try to be scary? don't know that).

    I'm probably missing one or more titles in both categories but the named ones are for me personally the most important titles.

    I don't consider the Resident Evil series as really scary games because they only offer rather conventional Hollywood horror where Silent Hill 2 for example offers "intelligent" horror which is much more subtle and effective as just zombies attacking you or dogs jumping through windows.
  32. System Shock 2
    Silent Hll(first one)
    Resident Evil 1 and 2

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  33. When The Butcher comes out and yells "Fresh Meat!" on Diablo, it still stands my hairs up on my back and arms.

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  34. Clive Barkers Undying. Hands down, the best I`ve seen to date for creepy atmosphereic sounds and fitting graphics. Truly, a marriage made in..? Well, you pick the proper H. If there be "God(s)", a sequel will be made.

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  35. You obviously haven't tried playing Undying midnight with a hometheater system and a big empty house!!! I have and honestly i just couldnt sleep that night and had to listen to music till the morning when my family came back.

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  36. Silent Hill 1 & 2 definitely....
    I would play them with no lights on .... wow still got some [-peep-] stains in the pants.

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  37. I just ordered Undying. I hope its as good as people are saying it is otherwise I have wasted $5.00. :) Will it work with win XP. I read somewhere that 2000 and NT are NOT supported. Just wondering if there will be a conflict.
  38. It worked well on Windows 2000 for me.
  39. I just went to the website and I was wondering if its worth the money? I am on vacation right now and my friend back in the states said it wasnt worth the money? CAn someone give me insight on this?

    Thank you.

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  40. I just got done playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time. It definately had a scary atmosphere and pretty good storyline but it didn't scare me. I think maybe because nothing jumped out at you, you could always hear them with the radio before anything happened. But it's not a knock on the game it was excellent.

    A game hasn't scared me or freaked me out since Resident Evil first came out. After that I was kind of ready for anything. I'll never forget those jobs jumping through the window when your walking down the hallway. I dont think I've ever been so startled in my life.

    Only Everquest players will get this and then maybe some of the old school ones. But when I first went to Unrest and ran into my first Festering Hag it scared the crap outta me. It got to the point that when a Hag was loose the whole zone crapped it's pants.

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  41. Buy it from ebay for like 8 bucks.
  42. I bought SH2 about a week back. I love the story line and all but it's not scary. The enviroments are kinda creepy though. The biggest prob of the game is that it's damn slow. Everytime i start playing it i feel like sleeping i mean walking around takes 90% of the time.

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  43. That's my only gripe about the game as well, running around town forever. Plus it's so easy to miss something on the ground and you dont want to bother running for hours around town on foot looking for stuff.

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  44. cool ill get it then

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  45. Have you picked up a copy yet? I got mine and its pretty damn good. Specially at midnight with the sound turned way up and pitch dark.
  46. yeah its phukkin awesome man.

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