Windows 7 lost all usb ports

windows 7 lost all usb ports on new build on 2 different systems after working fine no mouse,keyboard,or flash drive
works on one system after I installed xp instead of windows 7
everything works so I know it was not the hardware
mouse and keyboard work in bios, but when windows 7 starts they do not, light on mouse goes out
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    sounds like a driver issue. What motherboard? have you installed the motherboard drivers?
  2. Did the problem occur after you put it to sleep or hibernate? I had such a problem with vista once, but a restart fixed everything.
    Nevertheless, re-install the chipset driver.
  3. EVGA Classified E760,EVGA 275 GTX, I7-950, CORSAIR DOMINATOR 12GB, Patriot Torqx128 GB, PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W

    this happened on another new system I built, gave up an installed XP and everything works

    I will reinstall 7 and try again with the drivers from EVGA's website
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