Microsoft .net 1.1 installation problems

im getting a message that says this program has comaptibilty issues when i install 1.1 im running windows 7 64 bit and i need the 1.1 to install nba 2k10. how do i work around this? it goes all the way installing it but when it gets to the end, it says this program has compatibility issues. when i click on search for updates, windows is unable to find one, when i click ok, the window closes and it seems to install fine but when i try and install nba 2k10 im unable to
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  1. Try running it in compatibility mode rightclick the installer and goto properties then navigate it compatibly mode then click run this program ect and choose another OS!

    Try that.
  2. ummm, do that for which installer? the net1.1 or the nba2k10
  3. Both
  4. Both
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