+5V reading low.. help?

I am running a 1.2ghz athlon with an A7M266 mobo... lately during boot up.. i get a pause at my dos screen telling me to check my harware profile in my CMOS. I check it and it shows that my +5V meter is reading at 4.35V and its showing up red. Is this a motherboard problem or a power supply problem.
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  1. I think it's a power supply problem. What kind of PSU do you have? The 5 volt rail comes directly off the PSU and doesn't involve any step downs on the motherboard. Not sure how the BIOS monitors it though... You might try a BIOS flash before you replace the PSU to see if it's something in the measurement software. Does the computer run stable once you boot up?

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  2. It's definately a power supply problem, I'd replace it quickly. That is, unless your board is misreading it, which is highly unlikely.

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  3. Well....once it boots up it runs stable but i have experienced my cd drive not recognizing a cd that was in there.. but im thinking that might be something else. It's an ENERMAX EG365P-VE(FC)PSU.
  4. if you have access to a volt meter that will end any question about the psu.

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  5. Enermax are very good power supplies. Anything can go bad, but that's a good unit. If it runs OK, I'd leave it alone... Can you turn off the hardware monitoring in the BIOS? Set it to "ignore"? The CD not reading is a common problem and not likely related to the 5 volt reading (the CDROM plug is a 12 volt line)

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  6. Sigma, just how much other stuff do you have hooked up?

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  7. Shut it down and re-attach your ATX connector. See if that helps.

    I also have an Enermax power supply and doesn't seem to make a good connection with the motherboard. With time (weeks) the 5-volt rail drop and drops. When I re-attach the connector the voltage returns back to spec. Quirky. I've read about others with the same problem.

    It's worth a try.

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  8. Okay.. now i'm experiencing another problem.. just yesterday when i went to turn the computer on, it wouldn't turn on.. I took out the plug into the computer, then put it back in, and then it turned on... strange.. this also happened tonight as well, with the same solution.. i'll probably just get a new psu.
  9. I have a cdrom, cd rewritable, HD, external zip , I do have the live drive from my soundcard hooked up in one of my front bays, floppy drive, and a cougar HOTAS plugged into my usb expansion card so count that as well. But, i've had these things for some time and my system has always runs stable.
  10. Yikes! Bad connectors on Enermax...I hate it when I hear things like that!!! I own a BUNCH of Enermax power supplies!

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  11. I wouldn't worry unless you are having a problem.

    I'm not claiming anything about Enermax power supplies. I was talking about the problem. I had recently read a thread on Usenet about a few people with the same symptom, that is low readings on the 5 volt rail. Since their fix was the same as mine I knew I wasn't alone with this problem. I thought it was worth mentioning. Not everyone had an Enermax power supply.

    In my case, I don't know if it is a worn out ATX connector, something wrong with my motherboard, loose socket, substandard pins, a bit of corrosion, or what. I do know that simply pressing on the ATX connector does nothing but if disconnect and reconnect all is fine, at least for a few weeks. It doesn't seem like a loose connection. Really rather odd.

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