PS2 repairs?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a good/trusted place to repair a PS2. I am getting a Disc Read Error. I am open to suggestions of trying to clean it myself if that has been successful for anyone.

I am in the UK (Coventry to be exact).

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  1. sacoops,

    I myself have gotten the same error many times. The easy fix is to do it yourself. First open your ps2 disk drive (this will help later). Shut the power off and unplug your ps2 all cables (Disk Drive still open). For this next step you need 2 Phillips screw drivers, normal size and a really small one like a jewelers phillips. Turn ps2 upside down remove all 8 screws (6 on bottom 2 side bottom) might have to remove the rubber covering all the holes. After all the screws are removed slowly seperate the top from the bottom. **There power connection button on the front of your ps2 is connected to the top part. Slide the Disk Drive in a little to remove the top part you should see the silver cable make sure not to break or rip this cable** Looking on the inside of the ps2 there is the 4 small screws that hold the protector plate covering the lens. Remove them and you should see the lens on the cd drive. Clean the lens with a Q-tip (with or without Rubbing Alcohol). Repeat all the previous steps to reassemble and it should work.
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