Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Review by Kevin Parrish

The newest edition of EA's Battlefield series is the console exclusive Bad Company, which introduces destructible environments, deformable terrain and plenty of vehicles. Is Bad Company a good Battlefield title?
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  1. As a PC gamer (never been on a console) who has played as my main game of choice , first BF1942 then BF2 and now BF2142 I feel totally sold out that it is not on the PC. The other day I read that 14 million people had registered for BF2 over the years (these are official figures). You do the maths , they have accrued a stink lot of cash (which i don't begrudge because i have had so much fun) but they could have used some of it to make a PC version. And no i won't be going console just for the pleasure, I love PC graphics which are now awesome, and my son who plays the franchise and games occasionally on an Xbox360 tells me a keyboard/mouse setup beats a controller anyday. Hopefully our loyalty will be rewarded with a BF3!!!
  2. First Battlefield experience? How could you miss the others.. well i'll forgive ya for missing 2142. Get bf2 deluxe (or w/e edition). BF2 had sales of over 2 mil sales a year after launch.

    Do the maps stay 1 size even if it's 12 or 24 players max?

  3. I have a 360 as well as a PC... and although its quite fun... it doesn't compare to PC gaming... pc gaming is... without a doubt the single best "console" the graphics are 10x sharper... and the controls are so spot on...

    but battlefield bad company is amazing... only problem is the story lacks depth... (fun to play though) levels are kind of repetitive... and the multi player is fun until you realize theres no skill involved... and there isn't really any depth in multi player... theres 3 unlocks in each "class"... THATS IT... and the unlocks aren't any better or worse than the standard gun... theres no sense of accomplishment... and the whole acheivment system on the 360 sucks ass... what a lame assed excuse for a game... all my friends have 360s... and they brag about their gamer score and what not... and how on PC its so boring that theres nothing to accomplish... well on 360 its like... well... you spent 500 hrs playing a console game to get 5000 hs .... wow... totally worth the 10 gamer points you get.... and they don't even do anything...

    the consoles are for sure... a casual system...

    the PC... is w/o a doubt the single best system there....
  4. Biggest problem I have with this game and the main reason I'd never waste money on it is that it doesn't have a co-op mode, which seems inexcusable in this day and age of console gaming. I think that alone should've knocked a couple points off the score.
  5. stemnin said:
    Do the maps stay 1 size even if it's 12 or 24 players max?


    Although it's a fun game and I enjoy it, it just really makes me impatient for Battlefield 3 and getting back to Battlefield on the PC.
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