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hi i need to do gold fast and easly can u help me
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  1. LMAO what a douche bag:p
  2. It's so easy to make gold in WoW it's not even funny.
    If you can write a whole sentence with perfect grammar and spelling, I might tell you how.
  3. What a jerk; It's guys like that one that spoil the fun for everyone else. Besides that they support a very shady industry. Anyone seen the "chinafarmer" - camps? You should give that a thought Mr. cool.
  4. Here is what you do, you play the game until you are level 70, then you play the game some more.

    Pretty easy really.
  5. lol

    I sold a bundle of bruiseweed that i picked up around this one area for 1g last night..... i didn't expect it to sell for more than maybe 8-9s.

    anyhow... easy gold? i have seen sites where you can buy it cheap. but as aziraphale pointed out it coule be coming from an impoverished chinese slave camp where people are whipped if they do not meet their daily levelling and gold quota
  6. level 70 rogue+engineering = 300g+ per hour. even more with mining. must have made 10k+ gold with that trick.

    *little tip is a wet cavern and popular video sharing site ;)

    i dont play wow anymore so abuse until its nerfed!!
  7. 300g+ an hour? Sorry, but I don't believe that...
  8. Its simple do your dailies. LOL
  9. seriously aziraphale. i had two chars with epic flying mounts and when got rid of my accounts it had about 4.5k gold on it.

    it takes about 20 mins and get on average 100g for that. thats even being pretty conservative because id often get 70 blues and blue uncut gems.

    or like radio active says dailys are easy and get you rep but i found my way a bit more fun :D

    god bless youtube
  10. i may as well explain it while im bored at work and have nothing better to do.

    *Get a rogue at 70
    *rocket launcher trinket equipt
    *can have +5 lockpicking enchant on some gloves but cant do it without
    *turn on auto loot

    change to heroic then stealth through until you get to the spiral that takes you to first floor (may take a run or two before you see the quickest route) and there usually a mining node there if you have mining. go up the spiral and past first boss. over the bridge and at the end of that walk way theres a pointed ledge. you can stand there out of stealth and fire rocket laucnher at the mobs below and laugh at them as they make there way to try and catch you. you just need to watch them until they get onto the same floor as you OR just at top of the spiral if the chest is not locked (advise having crappy gloves with lockpicking enchant). fall over edge then vanish so go out of combat then unlock (have auto loot on) and get the goodies. re stealth then walk out reset and repeat :D

    to start with it will take 6-9 mins aprx but after practice gets down to about 4/5 mins easily.

    now enjoy it before nerf. lol

    p.s i have heard of people doing this with a druid and even a mage but its alot harder and not sure how they do it (i.e how a druid would vanish etc)
  11. *can have +5 lockpicking enchant on some gloves but can do it without

    meant can do it without . hehe
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  13. To try to answer your question with honesty:

    If you want a lot of gold and fast, you're probably going to have to buy it.

    Other than that, work the Auction house till you can't work it any more.

    If you feel like burning hours, then just pick up a gathering profession and sell your goods on the AH. Try to keep your prices high by buying out anyone that tries to undercut you and then repost their items for a profit.

    If you have a crafting profession, then just keep an eye on the AH for your mats and buy them when they are cheep, so you can have the biggest profit margin on your final goods. Don't make things that people won't buy. Also, try to figure out what pieces of gear lower level characters need and put a few of those things on the AH as well. People are always leveling alts.

    Hope that helps.
  14. I hate it when people bring back dead threads. This thread was started over 2 years ago.
  15. Rock 2 gathering professions (I like skinning and mining, but skinning and herbalism work too) and just play the game - you will have plenty of stuff to sell on AH (I would recommend using an AH mod like Auctioneer) and plenty of cash. I have enough gold to do whatever I need to do in-game.

    Do not go to a gold vendor - many of those are fronts for account thieves, and you'll have to fight through Blizz customer service to get your account back.
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