Stupidly Low FPS in Cod4

Hey everyone,

I got a load of new parts yesterday consisting of:

2 x 2gb of XMS2
X1900XT 512mb running ATI 8.7 Driver
Creative Audigy 2 ZS

When it comes to play COD4, running at 800 x 600 with all details off/low. I struggle to see +25fps (it's like watching a slideshow). I use to get +60fps running an old 128mb 6800 (1gb of ram and a xp3000). Why is the new system slower than my old one?

I really cant figure out why I'm getting such crap FPS in COD4, in comparison I can play HL2: Episode 2 with all details on 8xAA and 8xAS at 1280x1240 an still get 50-60fps.

Things I've tried doing to rectify the problem are:
-Flashed to latest Motherboard BIOS
-Reinstalled Gfx Drivers
-Swapped the memory around
-Reinstalled DirectX
-Overclocked Cpu to 3.06ghz an mem to 850mhz
-Setting Sound EQ to low quality in cod4

If anybody has any idea why this is happening or any solutions, it'd be really greatful. (I've googled for answers but no luck)

Here's a 'Can you run it screenshot' for cod4:

Thanks Alot
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  1. I just ran a 3dmark06 test too.

    Check out my system score compared to similar systems.
    I score literally half of what I should be getting.

  2. Try using an earlier driver version.
  3. Well the parts you just bought arent really "state of the art". I mean that cpu is 2 years old, as well as that video card came out about 2 years ago. COD4 is a pretty new game. But still your scoring a bit low.
    Whats your power supply?
  4. Reinstall the game. IS your PC getting enough power?
  5. a quick google reveals there has been lots issues with 8.7 and 8.7 beta , see url - as san pedro offers - try say 8.5
  6. I've had another shot at it with Driver 7.6

    Still there's no difference in FPS.

    So I reinstalled COD4 (didn't make a difference) I've reinstalled XP too, that didn't change a thing and my power supply is an Antec Phantom 500watt which is plenty enough.

    What I can't figure out is why Half Life 2 runs so silky smooth at high res with all settings like 4xAA 4xAF on but COD4 is running crap. HL2 I'd say is a more graphically intense game (it looks nicer anyway)

    I can safely say, that I'd never buy ATI again. Nvidia cards have always consistantly worked perfectly for me, ATI however have always been a joke. I'm so close to giving up.
  7. The problem is with your video card. I have a Intel P4 3.0, but I changed my video card to a Nvidia 9600GT and I run COD4 at 90-100 FPS at 1024x768. If you want to stay with ATI get a 3870 which is equal to 9600GT. Or Check out TOM Hardware Heirarchy Chart for graphics cards. Your X1900 is equal to a Nvidia 7900 which I dont think many people use anymore. Let us know if this information helps.
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