Devil May Cry 4 PWNS:) Discuss the game here!

DMC4 owns :) i love this game.

I just beat the game on normal difficulty and opened up the Lengendary death knite mode.

now im off to beat the game on devil hunter to open the other difficulties:)

And turbo mode pwns too:P

Anyways discuss the game here.

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  1. This is one of those titles I can't imagine playing on the PC; I played it on the PS3 and 360 and found it alright, but nothing revolutionary.
  2. I played the demo, i'd say gamepad is a requirement (thankfully, I have a nice rumblepad2)

    Its a fun enough beat-em-up.
  3. I was just going to start a thread about this.

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Capcom did a great job with this game.
    Extremely well done, and highly optimized. Looks absolutely gorgeous on the highest settings and resolutions. Texture work is simply amazing, IMO.
    Worth every penny, IMHO.

    I highly recommend it for both people new to the series and DMC fans.
    My favorite DMC was the first one, and DMC4 is right up there, IMO.

    And yes, a gamepad would be optimal for this game, even though it's doable with a keyboard (not comfortable).

    This is one of those titles I can't imagine playing on the PC;...

    I don't see why not.
    The PC is the most flexible and open platform, and I just don't get why people have this view of PC gaming where it should only be restricted to FPSs, MMOs and RTSs. Makes no sense to me when you can pretty much do anything and everything with a PC, use any type of controller you want and pretty much experience all styles of gaming.

    Anyway, SF4 is next for me.
    Now, all I need is RE5 announced for the PC.
    Both instant buys for me going by the quality of this game here.
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