How is cod4 online play?(for pc)

e8400 @ 3.6Ghz
4Gb ddr2
radeon 4850

Looking at getting a multiplayer fps cuz its been a long time since ive done any online play. Can anyone tell me about cod4's online play,as in how much fun you can have whether you're amazing at it or a total noob, whether you think the whole setup of the leveling system is good, etc. I'm downloading the demo but id like to hear the opinions of people who actually have the game. Im also totally open to suggestions of other games with good graphics, and good online play. The second game in line behind cod4 is ut3, but id like to hear more about which is just more fun.

Another factor i just thought of is, which good online fps require faster internet than others? Like, is one game optimized better to send less info back and forth to make it run faster/smoother than others? I'm just not sure if my dsl connection over my wireless network would keep up with the rest of my system in gameplay. If theres a way i could test my internet speed to see if its adequate id greatly appreciate the info.
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  1. Cod4 is in my eyes the best online game ever, there are so many hours of playing, getting higher ranks and new weapons and camo. And there are many servers for noob´s. PLAY IT. My name is Jacob(DK), hope to meet you some day online :)
  2. I've had it since last christmas, and have been playing a heck of a lot of it since, and am only just starting to get bored....
  3. Just played the cod4 demo and, wow. Looks like the game to get, but id still like to hear about other games, you know, to see what the pros and cons are of each, things that make them special, etc.

    I tried to see how fast my connection, then i tested it on a server across the country to be sure i could handle a longer distance(North Carolina to Los Angeles)

    download speed:529Kbps
    upload speed:379Kbps

    I get near 550 for both if i pick a closer location, but how well should this play a fast pased fps like cod4?
  4. Im playing on serves from all over the world, from usa to australia and im sitting i Denmark. My connection is 4096/512 and i dont have any problems what so ever.
  5. speed is pretty slow, but shouldnt cause an issue for online play with cod4
  6. just found out theres gonna be a new cod on november. Couldnt find out if its gonna have a big online system or not. If it does would this take away much of the crowd from this game? Thats one of the bummers of online games i learned a few years back. When something new comes out, lots of people tend to flock to it, and then your great game gradually gets worse. Prob wont happen to cod4 for a few years, but idk.
  7. been playing the ut3 demo and its addicting from the start. Then its frustrating, when it crashes randomly when you respawn, and how the online play is dominated by people who "hack" their character to make them better.... Id assume these issues have been fixed with the full version but if not, then i dont wanna get that game. And i dont see any kind of leveling or reward system whatsoever mentioned with online play, but maybe thats included with the real game. One good think i got from the online play tho, i didnt see much lag at all. Maybe cuz ut3 is optimized for online play well, but its telling me i could prob do fine most of the time with cod4 online.

    edit-just read cod4 doesnt offer the prestige thing for pc users... Is this true? If so, do you think its a bad thing?
  8. COD4 online play is as good as any game out there, especially with the recent addition of new maps. (1.7 update)
  9. What is "the prestige thing"? :)
  10. Well, there are a TON of hackers for COD4. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the game, but I do like the COD series. And no, I don't think it will take a lot of people out of it. There are still many servers on COD2 that I play all the time. Theres one called tribulation force, which is NC based and always full. And I haven't encountered many hackers in UT3. I sea, have you tried the Orange Box? It comes with Half life 2, episode 1+2, portal (best SP game ever), and TF2, which is an all online game. The graphics are good in all of these games and there all excellent. It costs the same as a copy of COD4, but you get 4 SP games that are higher quality than COD4's SP and a MP game that is far better than what COD4 has to offer. Theres even leveling and such in TF2 that allows you to unlock different weapons for each class, and almost no hackers. They use something called VAC, which is wayy better than punkbuster. You can also always wait and get COD5, which is going to be similar to COD4 multiplayer except with vehicle combat.
  11. the prestige thing is where you get to lvl 55 and give up everything you earned, go back to level 1, but get a special prestige icon or something next to your name. Then you can earn it all back, but the prestige thing is just a sign of a good player.

    If i wait till november 11th for cod 5 (or whatever date it stops being sold out), then i prob just wont get any online fps games. By then id probably have gotten fallout 3 instead and just keep alternating between the games i already have.

    Looking at the orange box, It would seem to me like i could have hour upon hour of fun single player action, along with a good multiplayer game. But i already have good single player games that i can get into for hours on end. And while im not a total nut about getting great graphics, i think team fortress 2 looks a little too cartoon-like. I think im just gonna look into more of how the online games are setup outside the actual fighting and leveling systems.
  12. I agree with you, but the point I was trying to make is that for the price of COD4 you can get so much more in the orange box, it's just a hugely better value. Half Life set the standard for SP story and gameplay.
  13. lol, i think i have a bad habit of worrying about the quality of anything i spend money on... So to make it easier, does cod4 online play ever seem too repetitive? I really doubt it is since most people who play it love it, and im rarely very picky about games. Ill prob just buy it tomorrow.
  14. CoD4 > UT3 imo, and I barely like cod4, yet I play it, probably for the m249, stopping power and deep impact. It's fun but there's alot of stuff I hate (whereas UT3, I really got nothing to hate, except I find it boring compared to previous UT's).

    Cod4 multi isn't really repetitive, alot of maps, mods (played servers that had other rifles, missile launchers like an SRAW), gametypes.
  15. CoD 4 is great online. End of story!


  16. COD4 is the best online FPS In my opinion. I have played BF2, 2142 C&C, but COD4 is still the best for me. The only thing that would make it better is if you could control vehicles like in BF2 and 2142. I started playing COD4 on PS3, went to prestige mode. My friends dont have PS3 so I went out and bought the PC version. Long story short I traded my PS3 COD4 in to Gamestop because I like the PC version so much better. (No prestige in PC.)
  17. UT3 demo is not a good way to judge UT3 as a whole. It took a little while to get used too, but I really enjoy it. Another plus for UT3 is it's only $19.95usd compared to $49.95 for COD4(which I like also).
  18. i sea

    Ive been wanting to buy UT3 since playing the demo as well. You know how many people are playing and how many servers are up? Been playing TF2 and DM Might and Magic multiplayer, a sadly fun game (sad because so few are playing it).
    Heard that UT3 is a bit repetative, but for 19.95 I want to play. Anyone else had an experience with UT3? The Unreal 3 engine rocks. Ever since I played the Bioshock demo, Ive been wanting to use more of it.
  19. well ive got cod4 now, lets just hope i start to get better at it b4 my excitement wears out ;) . Anyone know any good servers for noobs? Ive been doing the xtreme gamers one or w/e but i REALLY suck at it. oh and the game crashed earlier and failed to save my progress after a 30 minute round... Is it normal for it to cut off all video feed, to the point where my screen says no signal after it getting all staticy and whatnot? Im thinking i might need an update, but ive heard people on updated servers are even better players...

    Just add favorites and type the ip.

    3 good noob servers :)

    "Im thinking i might need an update, but ive heard people on updated servers are even better players..." Thats not true, there are great players on almost every server regardless of update some less than others. Update 2 1.7 and get 4 new maps :D
  21. I still think you would have enjoyed the orange box more, but whatever.
  22. I like the game but I think there needs to be something inbetween hardcore and regular. In hardcore you get shot in the pinky toe and your basically dead. In regular you can shoot someone 20 times lol. I eventually went back to DOD:Source (which has issues itself but the achievements are a added bonus).
  23. dont worry i sea!

    i got the game a week ago after loving it on ps3 and xbox rounds friends houses.

    I really suck as well but ive found no matter where you go theres good players. even the noob servers have people in there with max rating wanting to own some noobs like me but i find they are good to learn from.

    I made Major last night and since playing ive gone from the bottom 25% of most matches to now being in the top 50%. still not great but its still new and my laptop is even struggling to run it on medium. last night for example it took so long to load broadcast that when i joined the leader was already on 7 kills!! haha!

    ive come first twice and in top 3 a few times but usually in top half if against really good players.

    awsome game!
  24. well i gave up on the noob server idea and am into the xtremegamers server, not exactly easy lol. But ive gotten used to the style they have, they dont have many rules, dont care what u do(long as its not cheating), and its always busy. I found in most nooby servers theres always a vet camper killing everyone, cuz they somehow think that makes themselves cool lol. But it does seem like the kind of multiplayer you would have to keep up with to stay good at it, its my first fps since halo 2 for xbox so im pretty sucky, but working on it. People are just so damned fast on that server tho, so ive got about 1500 kills and 3000 deaths overall. :lol:
  25. What server, ip adress please :)
  26. Ah, nice thread, I have been wondering the same. The demo is a little too short to get a feel for the game IMO so I am on the fence about getting COD4 while it is 49.99. I am not a huge fan of the SP section of games....I run through once and then play mostly on MP maps.

    The multiplayer would have to be a lot better than BF2 and 2142 for me to buy it. What about the structure of the MP in comparison to the BF games? Do you find the servers to be a lot better/easier/quicker to go through? How many MP maps in total are there (excluding mods)? I imagine the same people/hacking goes on there so I won't ask about that.

    Anyone excited about FC2? That is probably one that I will get right with it hits the shelf. I have some high expectations for that game.
  27. SpinachEater said:
    Anyone excited about FC2? That is probably one that I will get right with it hits the shelf. I have some high expectations for that game.

    Its definitely on my list, I love sandbox games.
  28. I have not read the whole thread but IMO

    COD4 is a childs arcade game in both SP and MP online
    SP is so linear it stinks and MP is soooo arcade it sux

    BORING... to me

    but if you like fast pace great grfx and no realism it is a great game forU

    WaW should own Modern Warfare
  29. 21 mp maps. And the servers are quick and easy to go through.
  30. ah 21, that is a healthy list.

    Suspect...what do you mean by arcade? I haven't heard that about COD4 before. That is what I thought about the UT3 is midway...that is what I would expect.

    The linearity isn't my style but since the game is pretty much in every best of 2007 list, it is worth a try. I will probably try out cod4 when it hits the 19.99 mark. I would buy it used on amazon but I got a pirated Russian copy doing that once. :fou:
  31. cod4 is childish arcade?

    wow.....never heard that before. I think its got a pretty good element of realism to it. not as much as something like ghost recon which has intellegent AI and usually one shot kills but cod4 has the option for this. in multiplayer anyway.

    for me ive found cod4 a great game. been too addicted to do any more on the single player. did a few missions and ye it was good but i like the pvp and "leveling" in multiplayer. Its very smooth to play which is what i like. reminds me of games like goldeneye and timesplitters which were second to none in terms of playability. Thats why im not a fan of gears of war type FPS'ers (controvertial i know!) because even though ive only played a few hours on it its way to rigid for my liking.

    UT3 is quite a fun game. me and a mate completed co op in one night though so multiplayer would be the lastability there IMO. I like the realism though i.e. shot in the head/torso and your pretty much dead rather than spamming rocket after rocket at someone until they die. has the bullett spraying through walls though as thats a bit random. also in some games there are way to many campers, i find it so dull sitting there waiting for someone to come into view! i tend to find the bigger games with 10-20+ people are better to avoid campers. was in a 6 person free for all the other night and i was the only one not camping! was so boring i just left! all games have their drawbacks though.
  32. I know what he means by childish arcade. He means that its basically just run and gun with very little tactics involved. From what I've played of COD4, this seems to be true. Everybody is just running around like rats shooting people and throwing random nades and such. There are so many noobs that are horrible at the game, and then there are wayy to many hackers. COD4's AI absolutely sucks, no doubt about it.
  33. Yep tallguy says what I am getting at... maybe coz I am a bit "older" than the average gamer I look for more realism in my gaming.

    I think COD4 could be a great game with its graphics engine etc but just does not finish off well... hence after looking at WaW trailers and specs I think it will suit me better.
    But like I said u want fast pace action and great effects etc go buy the game.

    BTW cred to this forum for not just flaming the hell out of a poster that goes against the majority...

  34. tallguy1618 said:
    I know what he means by childish arcade. He means that its basically just run and gun with very little tactics involved. From what I've played of COD4, this seems to be true. Everybody is just running around like rats shooting people and throwing random nades and such. There are so many noobs that are horrible at the game, and then there are wayy to many hackers. COD4's AI absolutely sucks, no doubt about it.

    Ah, so Halo would be a better comparison rather than an arcade? Yeah that is too bad about the hacking does put me off a bit on the MP aspect of the game. Does it use gamespy? I know with BF2 and 2142 people use those frickin aim bots like no other. I can't believe how gamespy will kick me for random crap but then not catch these aim bots. There is always a way to hack but dang...seems like they would catch on a little quicker than this.
  35. i think i know what you mean now you mention it. I used to play ghost recon 1 and 2 on the xbox 360 and the co-op required loads of stratergy. also it was pretty much one hit kill.

    There are a few other things that annoy me;

    *random sprayers. im pretty sure if you went to the front line you wouldnt get some goon spraying the LMG at several walls hoping to get some hits. i can understand a bit of damage being done like this but sometiems its too easy for them.

    *noobtube. I hate when i have notched up a massive kill streak then some noobtuber gets a flukey "lets just aim in the general area" shot. i refuse to use it as it doesnt require as much skill as nades or normal guns.

    *campers. a bit of campng here and there is great but when theres people just move from spot to spot waiting for someone to walk past theres no skill and i dont see how that can be fun but then some poeple play for the stats where as i play for fun.

    looking forward to WaW though because despite its shortfalls its a great game
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