Sold! I7-920, SLI 285, 1TB, 5.1 surround, 6GB ram System! (video)

SOLD! Whole package for 2100!

Gameplay Video showing Mirrors Edge and CoD4:MW2 on Max settings (1920x1080, Max AA, Aniso)

Video displaying the Computer tower internals and Monitor

(This system is also being display on Ebay, if you wish to purchase via ebays way of payment which offers more security! Link is as follows )

I have here a system I am trying to sell so that I can put money into a nice ATV. I just recently built her about 3 months ago and had her OC'd to 4.0GHZ (running around 30 celcius idle, 45 full) since. Nice and stable, and sexy as ever. The cable management is amazing with this case you barely see any cable at all. Here are the specs.

I7-920, Overclocked to 4.0GHZ, with a V8 heatsink!
6GB DDR3 Ram at 1600MHZ, G-Skill
an EVGA X58 Tri-SLI motherboard!
Two - GTX285 2GB BFG Cards, SLI'd!
an X-fi Titanium pro sound card with 64mb Xram
1000 watt Ante3c PSU with 100 Amps of power on 4 rails!
A Blu-Ray Drive, that reads DVD's, CD's, and Blu-Ray!
A Ram cooler, to keep that ram cool!
1TB (Terabyte) Caviar black Hard drive! Very fast!
The case is the Corsair 800D Full tower ATX case, with hotswap drive bay 3 120mm fans on top, 2x 140mm fans

A WoW mouse with I believe 18 keys (programmable) with lighting that is customizable.
A Fang Gamepad that came from Zboard, its WASD seperated nicely from the keyboard, works wonders.
A Basic microsoft keyboard, it is black/silver, has many programmable keys.
The Logitech Z5500 5.1 sound system (2 speakers have no stands, not an issue, still works 100%)

Now I am trying to sell all this for $2100, in total the system cost me 3500, the sound system 500, the so around 3500 to 3900 in total.

2100 (OBO)

Also, it comes with a legit install of Windows 7 home premium, with GTA4 (whole game). Or, it can come as a barebone and you can install your own Windows/Linux, w/e you want.

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  1. That's a cherry system.

    Is OS or any software included or are you selling it as a barebones system?
  2. Well I would include Windows 7 with GTA4 preinstalled, or It can just be windows 7, or it can be barebone. Up to the buyer what he or she wishes for.
  3. wow.... nice set up. That case is awesome.
  4. Bump, new pictures and a video added!
  5. Can you give it for 1000$ ?
  6. heh, naw I can't sell this for 1000 bucks
  7. lol low ball extreme

    with the TV that would cost at least 1000 new online or 1.5 in b n m, 3000 isn't out of the question

    hold out for it rofl,
  8. This deal is too good to be true. I fear this is a scam. Any way you can verify product quality?
  9. updated
  10. "This deal is too good to be true" heh I actually take that as a compliment.

    last month I was actually trying to sell this whole system for 4000, but no one would take it or even watch it on ebay/kijiji. So i dropped the price quite a bit.

    ps. Really anxious to get an ATV at the start of summer, selling the tower for 2100 if you just want the tower! (including the mouse/keyboard/sound system)
  11. Last bump for a bit, bumped a lot.

    Added another video displaying some gameplay with CoD4:MW2, and Mirrors Edge, Showed my nick in there too for proof. The whole system is still 3000, but if need be remove the TV and you can get the rest for 2100.

    The reason I am selling this for such a low price is because the summer is starting, I have a few buds with ATV's running around and I have my eye on an ATV as I type this that I want to purchase before the opportunity is gone.

    Also updated it so that this is also Available on Ebay, the link is in the Description, If you wish to purchase this through Ebays payment methods for more security and safety etc, then the option is there.

    Won't bump for a whole for I've done so quite a few times already, grabbing videos and whatnot to display the computer while playing games etc.

  12. Sold her for 2100, one hell of a steal imo
  13. Nice definitely a good deal. If you have any individual parts to sell next time, I'm interested. :D
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