Final Fantasy XI Now Downloadable for PC

As one of the only MMOs to ever prove successful on consoles, ffxi gil Final Fantasy XI has also avoided some perks normally associated with PC-focused online titles. One of those missing bonuses was remedied Thursday, ffxi gil as Square has announced that Final Fantasy XI and its expansions are now available in disc-free, downloadable form. ffxi gil

The hardcore fantasy RPG can now be purchased and downloaded via the Direct2Drive service. For complete newbies, the Vana'Diel 2007 collection, which contains the full original game and the first three expansion packs, can be had for a mere $19.95. Alternatively, the expansions can be purchased on their own (along with the most recent Wings of the Goddess pack) for $19.95 each.
ffxi gil
Final Fantasy XI currently has over 500,000 active subscribers around the world.
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  1. Not even worth playing this game its crap, believe me folk when i say this...i spent 15 hours of my life trying to get a item that i couldnt even sell...the drop rate was 2% ....
  2. i just got sucked into wow less then 2 weeks ago.... no way could i even try playing this even though i'm a fan of the franchise.
  3. lmao love tom's snapshots..
  4. ... thinly veiled excuse to spam for a gold farmer.
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