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I have Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the Xbox 360 and on the back of the box it says 4 player offline play but I can't figure out how. Is it Terrorist Hunt 4 player or the campaign. Please help me i need to know as quickly as possible.
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  1. Any help?
  2. Should be the terrorist hunt
  3. Does that mean that it will only reveal the option if I have a 3rd controller? The whole point of me asking this was my local best buy was having a deal on controllers and I needed to know if it was worth it to buy a 3rd one. I have very few games that are 3 player, and most of them are original xbox titles. I wanted to see if I could play a newer game like Rainbow Six Vegas 2, or else its not worth it to buy a 3rd controller.
  4. It is for T-Hunt, by default the settings are for 2 players, simply change it for up to four like a champ. Campaign is only for two...unfortunately.
  5. So for T-Hunt I can play 3 people on the same console?
  6. probably inaccurate because it says online coop 2-10 but in truth, coop is only up to 4
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