Various Lockups and BSODs

I've been having enough problem with my A7N8X so that here I am, wondering how they managed to have 0 problem in the article where they used it here... with an almost identical setup as mine!

I"ve experienced various lockups and reboots, and Internet Explorer randomly crashes (No, I won't rant agains MS just yet). After reading this thread, I did change my two memory DIMMS to the blue slots and it did help a bit in some games (crashes less)

someone also suggested that I disable auto reboot on system crashes, and I was able to get a BSOD saying IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. (I also some others that I forgot to write down)

After reading more posts, It was suggested to disable fast writes and to set AGP freq to 66 MHz... Done that... Bit better, but still it happens...

Here's the config

Athlon XP 2700+
A7N8X Deluxe with BIOS 1001G (I did also try the 1001E)
2 x 256MB Corsair XMS DDR333 (PC2700) in the blue slots :P
Volcano 9 CPU cooler
Antec TRUE430 PSU that gives ncredibly steady voltage readings (I monitored thos after someone suggested it might be an issue)
ATI All In Wonder 9700 video card with catalyst 3.0 drivers
Windows 2000 Pro SP3
IE 6 SP1

Questions? Suggestions...

I need your heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp (a la Buggs Bunny in Space Jam ;-))

"Try not! Do, or Do not, there is no try" (A certain famous Jedi Master to his apprentice)
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  1. To be honest, it could be ANYTHING! You could spend days on trial and error temp fixes.

    My advice is check your min-dump logs in \winnt\minidump. They should all be dated and match your crash dates. You need to get some debugging tool from MS (can't recall the name tho..). Once you've done this, it should tell you were the fault lies. I've used it loads to find probs and had a vhigh success rate.
  2. I'll try and see if I can get the tool...

    By the way, I got another type of BSOD noted down and it is KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in file afd.sys

    Someone suggested memory timeings, but I sync the frequency with the CPY (166MHz with 2700+) and the other timings are 7-3-3-2 as by SPD
    anything there maybe? The RAM is Corsair XMS PC2700 and I've read posts about better timings like 5-2-2-2. However, when I try those I got to clear the CMOS memory because nothing works.

    "Try not! Do, or Do not, there is no try" (A certain famous Jedi Master to his apprentice)
  3. Those errors are normally caused by memory problems. Memory problems can mean bad sticks, or a bad board (unstable memory bus), or even a bad power supply (voltage too low).

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  4. I had almost the same thing w/ a A7V8X and a 2700+. If I turned down the speed of processor, it worked fine. You could try that to see if it runs stable w/ lower clock setting on processor. I know it sucks to have a fast processor and not be able to get the full extent of it. Another thing is w/ that IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_Equal, I think that W2K had a service pack fix for that...but that could be totally unrelated.
  5. I did a monitoring of the voltages from theAntec using the ASUS probe software, and they are extremely stable.

    So what is it you suggest? Get new ram, cpu and board from the store and try em until I find the guilty defective one?

    "Try not! Do, or Do not, there is no try" (A certain famous Jedi Master to his apprentice)
  6. I'll give a try to down cocking the CPU (shivers)
    Still I'll be inclined to beleive crashman's option that it could be a defective motherboard or RAM. people suggest that they can operate their corsair at 4-2-2-2 and mine dies if I set anything else than 7-3-3-2

    "Try not! Do, or Do not, there is no try" (A certain famous Jedi Master to his apprentice)
  7. Update on the situation,

    Following your post, I went to my reseller, and convinced him to exchange the MB. I used Memtest86 and using test #5, i kept getting error as soon as a module was in slot 3 (Dual Channel mode) any other combination was error free.

    So I installed the new board and everything seemed ok at first, then the problems re-appeared.

    I went on corsair's site and I noticed that they sell TWINX packages of modules that have been tested together. I wrote a message there to see if that could be my issue. In the meantime, I run my modules in slot 1 and 2 so that I can stay stable.

    Questions? Comments?
    I'll take 'em

    "Try not! Do, or Do not, there is no try" (A certain famous Jedi Master to his apprentice)
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