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OK, I own junk. Free junk that I have made some use of, or built from discarded parts, even made a bill or two on, so don't laugh. (My other PC is a 3.0 ghz AMD)Lol. I have a complete HP vectra series 3 5/75 with memory maxed out. It actually performs better than I expected. I know that with the vectra 5/90, changing processors was just a matter of a jumper setting. I have placed a 90 mhz pentium in my 5/75, but bios still says it's only 75 mhz. Bios won't let me change that setting, so I'm figuring, it too has a jumper setting to use the 90mhz processor. It already uses it, but like I said, bios says it's only 75. Anyone know how to make this thing run at 90 mhz? even the vagest idea is welcome.
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  1. According to this database on <A HREF="" target="_new">586 processors</A> you must set your motherboard FSB ( system clock ) to 60MHz and the core frequency multiplier to 1.5 ( 1.5 x 60MHz = 90MHz ) Both these settings can be changed using jumpers.

    If you're lucky, you'll find a small chart printed on the motherboard next to a group of jumper responsible for each settings, the one controling the system clock will have numbers like 50, 60 and 66. The other, used to set the multiplier, will have values like 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and so on. You'll have to read the chart and move the correct jumpers. If there's no chart on the board, look in the motherboard user's manual, if there's no mention of it, find the motherboard model and make and search for it on the net...

    Good luck...

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  2. You need to change your bus speed from 50MHz to 60MHz to get 90MHz from the 1.5x setting that it's already using. In fact, you might as well change it to 66MHz bus speed and get 100MHz from your 90, because all 90's would do 100 rather easily.

    Here's something else for you: The 1.5x setting your board is already using, is the same as the 3.5x setting for the Pentium MMX 233. While the voltage is a little too high (3.3v, the MMX uses 2.8v), you can get by with it as long as you use a fan cooler. So once you get your 90 running at 100, replacing it with a 233 would work without further adjustments.

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