COD4 on Dell 8400

I have read many posting on people trying to play COD4. Here is my little help for all of those people. If you computer is better then mine you can play COD4 on Max'd without any problems.

Dell 8400
Intel P4 Prescott 3.0G (HT)
Nvidia 9600GT (1024 x 768)
4 Gig Memory
Win XP (32bit) SP3

I have all setting max (AAx4) I get 90-100 FPS. I know there are a whole lot of PC out there that are running duo core, but my single core works just fine.
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  1. 1024x768? pfft
  2. Yes, when I am playing COD4 I run 1024x768. I dont like to strain my eyes looking at smaller frames.
    P.S. I use a 19" Wide Screen Monitor (Westinghouse) with DVI-D connection.
  3. i was thinking of putting one of my 3870's in my optiplex 745 at work... but my cube is not in a good are to be sneaking in wow sessions ;)
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