Grand Theft Auto IV Coming to PC in November

Article by Travis Meacham.

Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive are bringing console juggernaut Grand Theft Auto IV to the PC with the promise of "newly expanded multiplayer."
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  1. Alot of great games coming to the PC this fall, alot of good multiplatform titles that will be better played on the PC.. Fallout, Far Cry, GTA.. my bank account is so going into overdraft.

    Atleast my rig will handle em all..

    It's only a small fraction of what i'm looking at, C&C3, Diablo 3, SC2, there's a whole pile of great games on the horizon, I haven't been this excited since Half Life 2 was finally released.
  2. I cannot wait. I left "regular" console gaming in the PS2 days (I have a wii) and I have been waiting for GTA IV to come out on the PC. I agree that this fall should be a great time to be a pc gamer.
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