SIS or NFORCE or VIA is more stable?

Which brand (mobo) with which chipset should i buy to have a STABLE Mobo in win98SE, (using a XP 2000+ with one module of 256 mb ddr generic and a GF4 mx 440 generic also)i will not do overclock and dont need to be the best performance but to have good stability. I saw a lot of people complaining about ASUS mobo (for AMD) via problems with sblive cards (including me), bad support for sis chipset, what about via chipset drivers how many releases!!. But from nforce2 (nforce1?)chipsets and abit or epox mobos its very difficult to see a bad review. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Here in Brazil the prices are a lot higher so if i can get a decent mobo with a god price it will help. Thanks in advance
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  1. I'm going to recommend the MSI 745 Ultra, a supremely stable, very inexpensive board.

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  2. Another vote for MSI 745 Ultra.
  3. Crashman I keep getting random reboots (though they are rare) with my 745 Ultra. I am using Windows 2000. Any idea why?

    I have overclocked my FSB to 140, but I set the Vcore to 1.825, and added my own custom fan over the copper heatsink that says MSI DDR.

    I've tried to rule out as many problems as I can (by changing the Spread Spectrum option, setting my Detonator drivers from aggressive to balancec, etc.... everything I can think of), but nothing seems to end the problem.

    The funny thing is, the only prob I seem to be experiencing are these random reboots. They can happen any time, I don't have to be doing something intense like running 3DMark, I could simply click an icon on my desktop. The reboots are instaneous. I mean it happens so fast it is shocking (I mean one minute I am sitting there, the next my monitor has flicked black within a milisecond, I hear a thud from my speakers, and look down at my case to see my CD-ROM LEDs blinking).

    I don't know if random reboots could be software related, and not my chipset. When I had overclocking problems with my 266A board, other types of probs would happen, like my screen would freeze, or I'd get flipped back to my desktop, but I wouldn't experience a reboot.

    What do you think the problem is? I just hope it isn't my FSB overclock...


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  4. Could be any number of things, and yes it might be your overclock. Try clocking it down and see if that cures it. At 145MHz bus, the only thing that's likely to fail on that board is DDR266 (PC2100).

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