Cannot execute downloaded file

Hey guys-

Last night I downloaded the crysis sp demo & 3dmark06 from fileshack and this morning when I woke up (haha it takes that long to download!) I found that the files were not saved as executables on the desktop --just look like blank white sheets of paper? When I double click on them windows prompts me to choose a program to open the file?

I would just redownload but it takes forever! :)

Anyone out there ever run into this? I was thinking of manually trying the run the file from the cmd.exe window? (i'm at work now and I am trying to troubleshoot for when i get home) thanks!

system specs:
Vista 64-bit
8800gts (g92)
4gb of ram
650w ps
asus p35 board
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  1. Are they .exe files? If they are .rar or some other kind of compressed format you may need to download a program to uncompress them.
  2. The actual icon does not have an extension (such as .exe) but when i searched in the properties menu I believe it said "setup .exe" file under type?

    its not zipped or anything I do not think :(
  3. Maybe I should note that I just did the fresh install of vista last night? the disk had sp1 so I figured it would be pretty up to date-- but coulc it be that I need to update the software?
  4. where did you download these files from?
  5. also is it says "setup.exe" in properties it's likely the file is actually where xxx is something like rar. What does it say for file type?
  6. Thanks for all of your replies purplerat-- You most certainly could be onto something. when I get home in a couple of hours I will download winrar and see if I can 'unzip' them. The thing is, I have downloaded several demos from fileshack and I have never had them save in this way. It has always saved as an .exe file on the desktop. Kinda weird?
  7. I'm assuming you scanned it for viruses and whatnot.

    If it's a corrupted download use a resumer when you go to re-download. I personally recommend Getright.
  8. Hi i have had the same thing happen to me aswell, it had me baffled for some time i was downloading crysis patches for the game and could not open the files im running vista 64 home premium vista told me to open with program from list dooh no go and im no geek, after much searching found nothing even rang microsoft but they wanted my money for help. so decided to go to file front and did download from there no problems so go some where ellse only solution at this stage. Something has changed at FILESHACK i think hope this helps some .Let me know if you find solution to this mystery problem i like filshack cheers Andre
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