Having troubles with my new computer and Bioshock.

Hey guy & gals.

been a long time reader of the forums but this is actually my first post Ive ever made here. And I'm hoping that somebody might be able to help me out with a problem Ive been having with my new computer. Well i recently built my new computer just about a week ago. Was acualy my very first computer ive ever built(Built it for WAR). I planned on overclocking but so far the only thing Ive overclocked is the GPU, and i think this could be the possible culprit of my troubles, so Ive held off and overclocking anything else.

First off My system specs:

Motherboard – ASUS P5Q Pro

Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo E8500

Processor Fan - OCZ OCZTVEND2

Hard Drives – Seagate Barracuda 7200.10RPM 250MB

Memory – CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)

Video Card – Radeon HD 4850 512MB

Power Supply - CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W


Now the problem that I'm having. I bought Bioshock when it first came out and played it on my older system with the graphics turned down a lil bit, and now that i got my new computer i wanted to give it another go, with the graphics turned up to max. But every time i log into the game and play for a few min my screen turns black and its says "Check you video connection" and i cant get my screen to turn back on or my computer to respond unless I restart it. At first i thought it might have something to do with me overclocking it, but i used the Catalyst control center to test my settings and they passes.

And just to double check I ran a program from ATI called ATItool to stress test my GPU for about 8 hours and everything went without any error, So my question is, what could this possibly be? I'm out of ideas except to turn my GPU back to stock and see if that fixes it, but with all them tests passing i don't see out it could possibly be it.

One more thing i want to say that might help out a bit. Every now and then i see random weird shaped show up on my screen, like when i play bioshock before it crashes i see little colored stars flash in random places on my screen (Only happens in games), and the same goes for when i play wow, but they don't happen near as much. Also WoW has never crashed on me, Only times my computer has ever crashed has been when I'm playing Bioshock.

Thanks for any help yall can give.

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  1. I'm betting it's the GPU overclock, especially since you mentioned you're getting artifacts right before a crash, which means the overclock is either really not stable, or the card is overheating.

    Just try the game with the clocks back at stock.
    If the game doesn't crash the same way again, then the cause of the problem should be obvious.
  2. If putting my GPU back to stock does fix it, how would i go about finding a stable Overclock? All tests have pointed out that this OC speed is stable but when i play graphic intensive games, i get a complete opposite result, such as game crashes.

    well i guess i need to figure out if that is even the problem first, ill put them back on stock and see what happens, Thanks for the help. Ill let ya know what happens.

  3. The best way to determine if an overclock is stable is to work the card with graphic intensive games.
    I've had the same happen to me with my OC'd 8800GT. Was stable in every benchmark and stability test (including ATItool's Artifact Scanner for 3 hours), but Bioshock, same as you, crashed for me after 60-90 minutes of gameplay while overclocked.
  4. That did the trick, put my card back to stock and it ran bioshock very smoothly for 2 hours with no crashes. Looks like i had it over clocked just a tad to high. Ill have to mess around with it more to get more stable. Thanks for the help!

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